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How Tadabase helped The Texas Black Expo provide 300,000+ meals to people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic

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How Tadabase helped EnviroPest achieve digital compliance and increase customer satisfaction

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How Tadabase helped The British Institute of Huelva deploy its online education platform and improve communications by 75%

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Luis Diego G.

Very flexible, adaptable and enables rapid iteration

Chief Quality Officer

Biotechnology, 11-50 employees

Overall : Happy to listen to my own clients say "Is it possible to change..." and 99% of the time it is a feature that Tadabase enables me to deliver in real time. In an era of constant change, platforms like these allow anyone to respond to customer needs almost immediately.

Pros : Tadabase enables very rapid prototyping of process improvement and automation for small businesses at a very reasonable rate. Unlike some of its competitors, Tadabase allows designers and admins to quickly deploy and improve apps on the run. I love how the app-design process is simple enough for beginners to quickly grasp the interface and logic behind it, while also offering more advanced features for those familiar with traditional web design. Their support team is very responsive and swiftly resolves issues both simple and complex.

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Andre A.

AMAZING!! Beyond excel, it's a blank canvas for ideas!

General Manager

Apparel & Fashion, 11-50 employees

Overall : I think my pros and cons says almost everything. I hope they keep getting better more and more, focused on their mission to be the best custom database web builder.

Pros : Tadabase is amazingly simple! (it can get complex, if you want) We run a family business in custom clothing manufacturing business and I was always struggling to find an ERP or BPM software that would help my company to manage our production process. The thing is, I DIDN'T WANT to have to adjust all of our production workflow to fit into a third party software from a big company, which we'll have to spend hours learning and will be costly... nowadays, we have better ideas and need to be more fast and flexible, integrating with other apps and softwares. That was possible with Tadabase, which was amazing for me, who has no (or very little) coding skills. As far as I'm using it (almost 6 months now) I have already: 1) created an app to manage Human Resources files and terms (mainly because COVID forced us to stay away) - each employee has their own login and can access their payment info and download their files 2) created another app to manage our production process and help us to quickly close external services payments, such as sewing and screen printing partners 3) I'm creating now an app integrated with one client's server to receive instantly their production invoices, through Tadabase's API Rest Tadabase is becoming one main software for us! And their support is very professional and friendly.

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Luiz C.

Very promising no-code app builder


Information Technology and Services, 1-10 employees

Overall : We are making important GDPR support apps for our clients and the stability seems very strong so far.

Pros : Easy to understand, rapid development, quick support. You can create different app instances with very few clicks.

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Adrian S.

A Solution designed with small business in mind

Executive Vice President

Information Technology and Services, 51-200 employees

Overall : Our company's use of Tadabase has been extensive and we are using it in new and innovative ways each day. Our Information Services team who has transitioned our operation from using a competitive product, SharePoint, and Dropbox as solutions to share data are now contained within Tadabase. We have seen an increase in employee and vendor productivity by 23% because of the intuitive and easy to navigate front-end design that our team has implemented. Our Sales team has been able to respond to client interactions faster with the built-in notifications option where they receive either SMS message or Email Message or both. Lastly, our client end-users who access our newly designed Client Portals have been so impressed with their ability to access real-time data that is directly related to their account. The clients ability to see projects, billing, work orders, tasks, and scheduling in real-time has been a valuable asset to our services offerings.

Pros : In the beginning our use of the Tadabase solution was a bit slow as we needed to realign our processes and procedures to match this new platform. What was most impressive about this solution was the ease of being able to deploy a fully operational front-end without having to know how to code. We came from a competitor product that only offered a back-end, at a hefty price, and it was very limited. The pricing of this solution in comparison to other options on the market, makes it very viable for small businesses to be able to create database solutions with ease and in real-time. In today's business landscape having the right information at the right time is crucial and now with the increase of remote working and remote users it truly makes this product work every dollar.

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Rishi M.


Medical Director

Hospital & Health Care, 1-10 employees

Overall : Overall, very positive. There is a support team and evolving set of documentation.

Pros : We came across tadabase by accident for our business. We were in the process of looking to convert our manual paper based systems for patient progress tracking, and had originally investigated the use of similar software (Knack). There was an A/B process, whereby we showed staff the two systems running our database in a non-customised manner. Our staff loved the flexibility of tadabase over knack, in particular the colour coding options and sorting. Inbuilt PDF generation was a huge bonus. Unlike Knack, which requires third party software, PDFs can be generated internally in Knack. We would have otherwise have had to employ a developer, but we have saved thousands of dollars by this alone. Another useful feature that we love is the ability to link files to an S3 bucket, saving massively on storage costs.

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Sam B.

Truly incredible platform


Real Estate, 11-50 employees

Overall : I came across Tadabase while looking for a easy to use a database application to manage my real estate management company. From the time I found Tadabase until the time we had steamlined our entire application was less than 8 hours. We now use Tadabase for our internal operations as well as a portal for property owners to see the latest information on each building. The quotes I received from developers to build this exact same application we're now using was over $18,000 and 3 months! Hard to believe I almost went forward with it.

Pros : With the help of the simple and short video guides, I learnt the platform very quickly. The platform is blazing fast and support has been very responsive - within a few minutes. From the other platforms I've tested, Tadabase was by far the most customizable, powerful and easy to master.

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Marc D.

Best application builder of its kind available


Facilities Services, 11-50 employees

Pros : The platform is awesome. Lots of features and functionality. The support is excellent and their willingness and speed to add features is by far the best I've ever experienced.

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Shumon H.

TDatabase development made easy by

Database Systems Developer

Information Technology and Services, Self-employed

Overall : 10/10 rating for all measures. This is not first impressions, this is my rating after 12 months of use as a real Tadabase customer. If you are looking to create a low cost, high security and feature rich web enabled database solution for your business and you don't know anything about coding ( software programming ) then i highly recommend you try Tadabase.

Pros : The development tool and features are very easy to use to create web enabled ( WebApp) database systems without coding. Wide selection of Tadabase ready-made templates are free and make the whole development process even more quicker. I used the school management template which saved me huge amount of work as I was able to easily edit each component to my requirements. The rapid table creation from pasted data is very impressive. The customer support has been fantastic over the last 12 months. Tadabase is best value for money when compared to Quickbase, Caspio and PowerApp. I have been using all of these alternatives products for over 5 years and can honestly say Tadabase comes out top on all measures and this is the reason why i have decided to stop looking elsewhere and to stick with Tadabase.

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Adam W.

Best Product on Market for Price


Public Safety, Self-employed

Overall : Outstanding, I would highly recommend Tadabase!

Pros : Tadabase has an unbelievable customer support service line. In short order I've always received 1:1 support from persons willing to work into the fine details to get what you need answered. Additionally, the platform is quite robust and the price is untouched gable compared to other no/low-code platforms. I saved $$$ by selecting Tadabase. The team are so engaging and willing/wanting to help.

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William G.

Best in class and support

Project Director

Accounting, 51-200 employees

Overall : We'd deploy a 75+ person company intern processes with 35 or more databases and near 200 pages of interactions with just 2 person and 800 hours of work. A $45,000 value for $1200

Pros : Easy deployment. You can go from 0 to 100 in just hours. All no-code components are handy and extremely easy to use .

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Wes C.

Amazingly Easy and Creatively Genius


Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, 11-50 employees

Overall : The ability to customize an application to your business has given us a new way to approach running our business. No one knows it like us and 'canned' business applications generally cover only the core business issues. Imagine hitting every business issue with a custom solution that fully integrates to everything you do.

Pros : The ability to conquer so many complex issues with no coding at all is so easy with the builder. There are several ways to approach most problems giving you the flexibility you need to work through most anything and you can take the look of your App to almost any level of awesome.

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Scott M.

Low in Code, Low in Price, High in Quality


Computer Software, Self-employed

Overall : Really positive. The product is easy to use with a strong feature set. The support is responsive. Training material is good. Reliability has been solid. The real plus point for me is that all of the aforementioned have been continually improved over the last year or so. This coupled with a community base where feedback is acted upon highlights a company that cares.

Pros : You can begin creating complex business applications almost immediately with no prior knowledge. The standard range of options is rich but further customisation is available via CSS, Javascript and the REST API. The pricing model is refreshing and scales well. There have been a slew of product updates over the previous months and the road map details many more coming .

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Martin O.


Logistics manager

Logistics and Supply Chain, 11-50 employees

Pros : Data extraction and it's availablity from anywhere makes it a must have in our company. Easy to use and a huge timesaver.

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Elishia H.

Full-Featured with a Quick Learning Curve

IT Coordinator

Automotive, 51-200 employees

Overall : It was a little difficult to get started with the software, but once I had a general idea of how things were setup I had very little issues. I think it took me all of two days to get everything setup and ready for users to begin accessing it as I wanted. We've used it to create a toolcrib for techs to lookup the correct tool kits they need and to track the purchase information/warranty info which is definitely making tracking that info a lot easier.

Pros : The quick and easy ability to preview any changes I make to every part of the database and the user-facing portion is so useful. Anything I am uncertain about I can quickly try and see if it works how I am expecting without having to go through a ton of hassle. It's great for someone like me with little experience building databases.

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Rick M.

excellent solution for a common problem

Chief Operating Officer

Computer Software, 11-50 employees

Overall : I migrated an 'app' that was really a WordPress site with many plugins to provide the functionality I wanted. What I lost in design flexibility was more than made up for by Tadabase's platform. This new app, not in quotes now because it's a real app, is a great addition to our company's product lineup. I have no doubt the investment in Tadabase will pay off nicely!

Pros : I was launch-ready in just two weeks. That's remarkable for the development of any app.

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Myron M.

Saved me 200k in development costs


Real Estate, 11-50 employees

Overall : Honestly its a dream come true for someone who doesn't want or have the resources to hire programmers and wants to take an application live as fast as possible.

Pros : I was able to build everything myself, Im not a programmer. The flow is so easy. From the moment I signed in to the moment i tested the live finished version it was quick and easy to put together.

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Cam B.

Amazing Software


Computer Software, 1-10 employees

Overall : Tadabase has help me organize my company and connect everything together, it is very well thought out.

Pros : I love the look and feel of Tadabase, you have full control over the look if you have basic html and css skills. It is also very easy and fast to build out pages and saves a ton of time.

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Rene M.

Incredibly easy to use

IT Operations Manager

Logistics and Supply Chain, 51-200 employees

Overall : Not only was I able to deploy in weeks as opposed to a year, but it was a success with the end users.

Pros : Easy to roll out. Great support team, they go above and beyond to get your application deployed and issues resolved. They are constantly improving with new features and enhancements. 90% no coding required and the 10% coding they assist you as well.

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Shaina K.

Dream come true for Business Management


Education Management, 1-10 employees

Pros : As a business owner who is not naturally tech savvy, and gets overwhelmed from charts and graphs, this has literally saved my life. No more lost client info, not knowing where our business is coming from, or who is responsible for every detail of work. Its like having a virtual Office Manager, but better. Customer service is extremely reliable, knowledgeable, and quick. Recommend to every business owner who wants to save time and focus on what matters.

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George T.



Construction, 11-50 employees

Overall : Brilliant, and customer service is fantastic, fast and detailed.

Pros : I have absolutely 0 experience in everything to do with building database and forms etc, however I was able to pick it up pretty fast thanks to Tadabase.

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