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Getting Started with Tadabase

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Sign up for a 14-day free trial. We offer documentation, videos, free consultations, and a support team to assist you.
Once you’ve got your account created, building your app on Tadabase really comes down to an easy 3 step process:
1. Building your data structure in the Data Builder
2. Designing your pages and components in the Page Builder
3. Interacting with your data via your users, custom workflows, and analytical reports

Step 1: Build
When you first sign up for Tadabase you'll be asked to choose between starting with a pre-built template app from our comprehensive library of sample apps or starting from scratch. 
If you choose to go with a template, simply choose the template you wish to work with, click Copy App, and begin customizing it to your own specific needs.
Or, if you choose to build your app from scratch, select this option and give your app a name and optional description. When you build your app from scratch, you can either import a data file that you already have by selecting Import and uploading your CSV file, or you can yet again choose to start from scratch by entering your data manually in the Data Builder. Entering your data manually from scratch requires getting to know the Data Builder and the basics of using data tables and fields, which you can master in our Navigating the Data Builder section of solution articles. 
Step 2: Design
Once you build your data structure, you can then move on to the Page Builder where you'll design how your data will appear on your app. This is where you'll customize your pages, page layouts, and components, all of which you can master in our Navigating the Page Builder section of solution articles. 
Step 3: Interact
Once you design how your data will present to your users, you can then define exactly how you want your users to interact with the data in the Users section of the builder. This includes defining your users and their roles, defining the access you want specific users to have based on their job capacities, and creating a custom workflow amongst your users with automated tasks and streamlined collaboration. With a custom automated workflow of your own design, all that's left to do is sit back and watch your users collaborate seamlessly and productivity soar on this powerful, custom app that you've built in these 3 easy steps! To master all the ways you and your users can interact with your data on your app, browse through the Working with Users section of solution articles.
For more information on getting started, visit our How to Begin and Get to Know the Builder sections as well as all of our solution articles at https://support.tadabase.io/support/home. For more in depth tutorials, feel free to browse our YouTube tutorial videos as well. 

You can use Tadabase to build pretty much anything.

Create custom business applications, CRM systems, project management tools, nonprofit operations management, and more. If it involves data, you can build it on Tadabase.

For inspiration, check out our library of industry-specific template apps. You can install these templates and customize them as your own, saving you time and providing a starting point for your projects.

Yes, you can easily import data via copy-paste, CSV upload, or through integrations.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation, support from certified partners, and round-the-clock email support for assistance.

Using Tadabase

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No, Tadabase doesn't have user limits. Users are considered records within your record limit.

Yes, Tadabase integrates with software that has an API, including CRMs, accounting solutions, video conferencing software, and more. Our team assists with integration setup.

Building an app with Tadabase is not only easy but also remarkably fast. You can start creating a functional app within minutes, thanks to our intuitive interface and extensive feature set.

Usually, one app is enough due to Tadabase's customizability, allowing you to manage diverse operations within a single application.

Customization and Flexibility

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Tadabase allows no per-user costs, customization to fit your needs, and offers more flexibility than off-the-shelf software.

Yes, you can use a custom domain with a free SSL certificate included.

Yes, with Performance plans and above, you can completely white-label your apps.

At this time, we have the native ability to add e-commerce to the app using Stripe Payments. Check out tadabase.io/pricing to see if this feature is available on your plan. You can also check out this article on Adding PayPal Integration to learn how you can create an e-commerce platform using our Paypal integration.

At this time, we do not have the option of using dynamic data sources for your data within Tadabase. For now, all data must be stored within Tadabase.

Technical Aspects and Support

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No, Tadabase is a no-code platform with a visual interface for building database applications.

Tadabase is focused on web apps but can create mobile-responsive web applications.

You retain full ownership of your data. Tadabase ensures data security with encryption, backups, and access controls.

Yes, you certainly can. Please check out this article on Using Export Templates to learn more about exporting your records. 

We don't offer self-hosting, but if you're an enterprise customer looking for dedicated hosting as well as direct file and database access, please contact us for a custom quote.

At this time, Tadabase is only a web app and not a native mobile app. It is not yet possible to submit your app to either play stores. Please note that web apps built on Tadabase are mobile friendly and will adapt to your screen size as you see fit. 

To learn more about making you app mobile friendly, please see this article: Make My App Mobile Friendly.

Tadabase is a fully hosted solution so you can't use the app offline. However, you are able to download all your data at any point using the export template feature.

Integration and Data Management

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Yes, you can add totals or row summaries to your tables. At this time, only tables can have totals. Simply go to 'Filters & Grouping' within the Data Table settings and add a total in Row Summaries.

While it is certainly possible to integrate your Tadabase apps with Salesforce, we do not have a built-in method of facilitating this type of integration.
We recommend utilizing API and Webhooks to facilitate integrations with external platforms. You can find additional information to help you get started here:

If you prefer to utilize a tool to facilitate your connection between Tadabase and Salesforce, we also have available integrations with Zapier and Integromat. We choose to recommend these as a second option as these options rely on the performance of the chosen tool to ensure that your integrations function as expected. Below you can find links to the Tadabase integration with these tools. As a note, I did take a moment to check on both and found that each tool has available integrations with Salesforce as well.

While we do support these solutions and can certainly help you out with questions, concerns, or issues you experience, with processes connected to external platforms, we are limited to covering the Tadabase side of the integrations.

Yes, at this time there is a limit and it varies based on the type of fields you add. If you run into any issues adding fields, please refer to our documentation on fields here for more information on how much space is allocated to each field type. 

Domain and Account Management

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We are not a domain registrar, so we don't sell domains. To add a custom domain to your app, you must already own your domain by purchasing it via a registrar such as GoDaddy.

To delete your account, please log in to the Tadabase builder and navigate to your account profile.

We're sorry to see you go; please let us know if there's anything we can do to help by emailing support@tadabase.io.

We do offer custom restores, but due to the time-consuming nature of this service we charge $180/hour for any restore. Most restores take approximately 2-3 hours. 
In the near future, you will be able to restore apps on your own to a specific date/time. 

Capabilities and Limits

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There's currently no app record limit. Tadabase is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the leader in web hosting, which means that your app is built to handle unlimited scalability and power. We have customers with millions of records and their apps are still blazing fast.

At this time, PWA is not an option, but hang tight because we plan on implementing this at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

HIPPA and HIPAA Compliance

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Yes, we sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with customers on a HIPAA plan. This formalizes our commitment to maintaining HIPAA compliance and protecting your healthcare data.

Yes, Tadabase is designed to be compatible with various healthcare systems and software. Our platform offers integration capabilities to streamline your healthcare operations.

Absolutely. Tadabase provides a secure environment for storing and managing patient records and sensitive medical information. Our platform is designed to handle such data while adhering to HIPAA regulations.

Tadabase commits to providing at least 180 days' notice before deprecating any HIPAA eligible products and services, ensuring that customers have ample time to adjust their applications and workflows.

Yes, certain features are mandatory for HIPAA compliance, such as encrypted communication, secure buckets, auto logout, and detailed logging of records and deletions. Tadabase provides guidelines on which features are required and which are recommended for enhanced security.

New apps created within an account that already has a BAA need to be specifically designated as HIPAA compliant. This can be arranged through contacting Tadabase support or your account representative.

Only apps that are specifically designated as HIPAA compliant and are part of a HIPAA Add-On subscription can be used for workflows that handle PHI.

Tadabase implements several technical safeguards such as encrypted communications, secure storage, access controls, and audit trails to ensure the security and integrity of ePHI.

Pricing and Plans

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No, we use a record-based pricing model without per-user charges.

Record limits vary by plan, with options to purchase additional record packs.

Yes, you can modify your plan or cancel at any time, with pro-rated billing adjustments.

For Developers and Agencies

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Yes, Tadabase is ideal for developers and agencies, offering unlimited customization and white-labeling options.

Additional Information

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Please email us at support@tadabase.io for any further inquiries or assistance.

What Tadabase Is Not

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Tadabase is not primarily a website builder or CMS but can be used to enhance websites with web apps.

While it reduces the need for extensive coding, it may not completely replace a full-stack team for complex tasks.

Yes, it is capable of handling large-scale applications, with specialized enterprise plans available.

Tadabase offers a free trial but is not a fully free platform. We have various subscription plans available.

Tadabase provides hosting services with a 99.99% uptime as part of its offerings, though it's not primarily a hosting company.

Tadabase is not a replacement for traditional RDBMS like MySQL or cloud-based file storage services like Dropbox.

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