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Real Estate Software

Track and automate critical real estate processes for buyers, realtors, and agents on one centralized platform.

Client Onboarding

Make your client onboarding workflow process as smooth and efficient as possible for the client, while also ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken to set the client up for success.

Project Management

Assign and track project tasks.

Task Time Tracker

Track and measure time spent on project tasks.

Change Management

Track and evaluate project changes.

Employee Directory

Manage employee contact information efficiently.

Project Management Contact Directory

Manage project contacts and track communication with each contact.

Project Management Expense Tracker

Monitor and categorize project expenses.

Marketing Expense Tracker

Monitor and categorize marketing expenses.

Marketing Contact Directory

Manage marketing contacts and track communication with each contact.

YouTube Channel Manager

Manage all aspects of your YouTube Channel.

Blog Management

Manage technical and content-related matters for blogs.

Sales Goal Tracker

Set sales goals and track their progress.

Digital Content Manager

Manage digital content across multiple platforms.

Sales Contact Directory

Manage sales contacts and track communication with each contact.

Sales Employee Directory

Manage sales employees contact information efficiently.

Sales Expense Tracker

Monitor and categorize sales expenses.

Marketing Goal Tracker

Set marketing goals and track their progress.

Contract Management System

Streamline your contract creation, execution, and administration process. This template helps organizations manage their contracts more efficiently and effectively. The template provides document storage, workflow management, negotiation tracking, and reporting capabilities. 22

Rental Applications

Get rental applications online.

Real Estate Listings

Buyers can view listings and contact an agent.

Profit and Loss Visualization

Track profit and loss over periods of time.

Appointment Booking

Create appointments and manage scheduling.

Survey App

The Tadabase Survey App Template is the ultimate solution for building a custom survey application without any coding knowledge!

Order Management

Track products, vendors, and customer orders.

Employee Directory

Manage employee contact information efficiently.

Goal Tracker

Set goals and track their progress.

Contact Directory

Manage contacts and track communication with each contact.

Refurbishment Management

This app is designed to help you manage the refurbishment process for various items or products from start to finish.

Employee Performance Review Tracking

Track and automate productivity scores.

Property Maintenance

Get maintenance requests online and track progress on work orders.

Custom CRM

Win proposals and customers with ease with an automated custom CRM.

Employee Time Off Manager

Employees can request time off and track their remaining vacation days. HR can approve or deny time off requests and track all employee scheduling.

Property Management

Automate your property management processes, list open units for lease, and track lease applications, units, tenants, work orders, and more.

Employee Time Tracker

Clock in and Clock out.

Job Board

Connect job-seeking candidates with employers currently hiring and automate the recruitment process for both sides.

Student Grades and Attendance

Track students' grades, attendance , and enrolled courses.

Inventory Tracking

Stay ahead of inventory with real-time inventory tracking, automated reorder alerts, and automated emails to customers and suppliers.

Online Course Registration

Automate online registration for students to enroll in open courses and track all student, instructor, and course information.

Event Planning

Track and automate events, vendors, clients, contracts, tasks, and all the workflows you need to plan your events to success.

Applicant Tracking System

Post open jobs and track applicants with automated alerts, interview ranking calculations, and custom status indicators.

Product Upvoting

Share products with the world and establish product popularity with user upvoting.

Student Portal

Students can view assignments, grades, courses, and attendance records.

School Directory

Manage all staff and student information efficiently.

Faculty Portal

Faculty can track assignments, students, attendance, and grades.

Parent Locker

Parents can view child's assignments, grades, and attendance.

Attendance Records

Give instructors/teachers the ability to add attendance records for students.


Track and add student grades

Course Catalog and Registration

Simplify registration; manage courses and their capacity.

Warehouse Manager
No Template found.

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