Don't miss out on these Tadabase-exclusive features:

Hosting and Deployment
SQL-backed infrastructure
App embed
SSL certificates
Custom domain
True white label

Tadabase Pipes
Google Data Studio
Stripe subscriptions

Design and Customization
HTML blocks
Custom component designer
Page redirect rules
Custom themes
Advanced page customization

Forms and Fields
Custom login forms
Multi-step forms
Equation fields
Filtered dropdowns
Dependent dropdown
Geo-code addresses
Complex formulas
Basic formulas
Record rules
Get form values from URL
Advanced form layouts
Require/unrequire fields in display rules
Validation error messages
Slider field
Logged-in user values for record rules
Insert non-connected records in rules
Color badges in options
Enable/disable display rules
Assign score values to dropdowns
See connected values in forms
Advanced form redirect

Custom component designer
Pivot tables
Advanced search component
Lists / Galleries
Resource grid / Gantt chart

PDF Form Filler
Scheduled tasks
Triggered related tasks
Triggered tasks
Batch updates
Import templates
Front-end importing
Export templates
Tadabase Pipes

Advanced Features
Saving to Local and Session Storage
Builder API
Table filter tabs
Action links
Filter by records connected to logged-in user
Hide columns in filter tabs
Universal inline editing
Send emails to/from the logged-in user
Multi-select update/delete
Shared builder
App variables

Security and Compliance
SOC2 Type2
Single sign on
Privacy shield
Password policy
IP white listing
Record change history
Email logs
View change logs app-side
Record delete history
Logout existing sessions
Login logs
Granular page security
Builder change logs

Top 10 reasons why customers switch from TrackVia to Tadabase:


1. Tadabase creates internal and public-facing applications.

Unlike TrackVia, Tadabase is an all-in-one platform that creates both internal and public-facing database applications. Featuring unlimited users, website embeddable apps, custom domains, advanced code extensibility, and highly customized apps that can be truly white labeled, Tadabase is a far more comprehensive platform that can create all-in-one internal and consumer-facing applications. Unlike TrackVia, Tadabase applications can power the most complex internal processes, be embedded on any website or external portal, and be visually customized to impress all your consumers without any limits on user collaboration.


2. Tadabase does not charge per user or admin.

Like many other no-code platforms on the market today, TrackVia utilizes an old-school per-user pricing structure, charging per user as well as per app admin. This counterproductive user-based pricing model sets an immediate cap on company collaboration and growth right out of the gate, and it discourages business owners from inviting all stakeholders to collaborate on a single source of truth. Tadabase, on the other hand, charges for actual database usage and encourages the inclusion of any and all users who may contribute to the data at work and your business growth.


3. Tadabase is easy to use.

As an intuitive, no-code-necessary platform, Tadabase makes it easy for all business leaders, especially non-technical business leaders, to build their own database applications. From adding data to designing the live app to automating workflows... every step of the app building process can be accomplished with drag and drop ease using Tadabase’s visual, point and click interface. TrackVia, on the other hand, requires its customers to run “application scripts” and “microservices” and learn the “Groovy” programming language in order to accomplish many basic app development tasks such as automating workflows and creating database triggers. This user-unfriendliness results in a steep learning curve and slower deployment for business leaders who need to build their database solutions quickly and easily.


4. Tadabase will reduce your tech stack.

When you run your business on a Tadabase application, you'll have all the services you need natively built-in to your app, including file storage, SMS alerts, PDFs, auto-generated domain certificates, advanced design options, native integrations with any external service you need, and so much more. On TrackVia, most of the critical services you need to run your business are not included, requiring TrackVia customers to waste money on 3rd party services and spread their data too thin among multiple unnecessary tools. Customers who switched from other no-code platforms such as TrackVia report an 80% decrease in their tech stacks since switching to Tadabase.


5. Tadabase has Pipes.

With Pipes, Tadabases's built-in integrations system, you can natively integrate any external data you need into your app without the need for 3rd party integration tools like Zapier, Integromat, or Workato. Integrate external data from all your favorite services directly into your Tadabase app, dynamically and in real-time, without ever having to leave the Tadabase platform. Customers who switched from other no-code platforms report saving thousands of dollars a month in integration costs by switching to Tadabase.


6. Tadabase is enterprise ready.

Tadabase provides enterprises and large organizations with the ability to scale seamlessly and on their own terms. With dedicated servers and private cloud tiers, your business will enjoy the autonomy and peace of mind that comes with unlimited scale, no “noisy neighbors”, and self-manageable dedicated servers. From the convenience of your dedicated server dashboard, your team can self-monitor your app performance and dedicated resources and scale your servers up and down as you see fit.


7. Tadabase apps can be white labeled, for real.

Other no-code platforms claim to offer white-label apps but, in truth, their branding is still visible in their customers’ app codes and URLs. This disables customers from ever having truly custom or white-labeled apps. At Tadabase, when we say that our apps are customizable, we mean what we say. A white labeled app on Tadabase will have zero mention of Tadabase throughout the app code, URL, or design, allowing your consumer-facing app to present entirely as your own or your app built for a client to present entirely as if you built it from scratch.


8. Tadabase is customizable.

At Tadabase, we know your business is like no other and that your app should reflect your particular business brand and style. From custom login forms to drag and drop themes to over two dozen unique components, including the Custom Component Designer which empowers you to create your own custom designs using HTML, Custom CSS, and JavaScript, your app design is limited only to your imagination.


9. Tadabase delivers comprehensive automation.

Unlike TrackVia, Tadabase automates all workflows and operational processes behind the scenes using advanced business logic and automation features, including scheduled tasks, triggerable tasks, form record automation, native Pipe integrations, and so much more. With Tadabase, you can send automated text alerts, emails, and notifications at scheduled intervals or on-demand, automating your workflows directly from your Tadabase application and without paying for 3rd party add-ons.


10. Tadabase is developer-friendly.

Tadabase offers more native functionality than any other no-code platform, and to top it off, the platform also offers comprehensive code extensibility for developers and technical-leaning business leaders to extend their applications as far as their imaginations take them. Unlike TrackVia which limits its code extensibility to JavaScript and learning the “Groovy” programming language, Tadabase’s code extensibility includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript… Using the Custom Component Designer, developers and tech-friendly builders can leverage Tadabase’s code extensibility to create any custom component design they envision, and developers can use Tadabase’s Builder API to manage their apps via API endpoints.


Ready To Make The Switch From TrackVia?

Frequently Asked Questions

We can probably do better. Contact our sales team at with two (2) of your most recent TrackVia invoices and we'll be happy to work with you.

Pipes in Tadabase are valuable, even with Zapier integration, for the following reasons:

  1. Cost Savings: By using Pipes you can eliminate the need for additional third-party integration tools like Zapier. This means you'll save money on monthly or annual Zapier subscription fees.
  2. Real-time Integration: Pipes work in real-time, allowing you to view integrated Pipe values dynamically without having to save records first. This real-time functionality can enhance the efficiency and immediacy of your app's integrations.

Pipes are a good alternative to TrackVia integrations and Zapier, as they save money and provide real-time integration benefits.

When comparing Tadabase vs TrackVia pricing, it may initially appear that Tadabase is priced higher. However, it's essential to consider the comprehensive cost savings that Tadabase provides.

When using TrackVia, you may incur additional expenses for functionalities like PDF generation, which often requires third-party tools. In contrast, Tadabase integrates features such as PDF generation, API access, and automation (similar to Zapier and Make) directly within the platform. This not only streamlines workflows but also significantly reduces the reliance on external tools, resulting in substantial long-term cost savings.

Yes, you can use Tadabase and TrackVia simultaneously if needed.

Pipes and Databridge enable seamless integration with TrackVia, allowing you to load and update data in real-time. This can be particularly valuable during the transition phase, facilitating the smooth transfer and synchronization of data between the two platforms. Databridge allows you to pull data from external sources, such as TrackVia, into Tadabase in real-time, without the need to store it directly within the app. This ensures that your migration to Tadabase is as efficient and effective as possible.

However, it's essential to note that Tadabase is designed to provide a comprehensive solution with a wide range of functionalities, often exceeding what Tadabase offers. While you can use both platforms concurrently during a transition period, it's advisable to consider a complete migration to Tadabase for a more streamlined and efficient operation, leveraging its advanced features and integrations to their fullest extent.

A few reasons someone might opt to continue using TrackVia over transitioning to Tadabase:

  1. Ease of Migration: Migrating from one platform to another can be a complex and time-consuming process. Users with a significant amount of data or highly customized applications in TrackVia might find the transition challenging. The effort and resources required for migration could be a deterrent, leading them to remain with their current setup. If this sounds familiar, remember, our team is here to help.
  2. Simplicity for Beginners: With its limited feature set, TrackVia might be seen as more simple for beginners. Users who are new to database management systems might find TrackVia's user-friendly interface and fewer features less intimidating. This simplicity can make TrackVia a more approachable starting point for users who are just getting beginning with such tools.

It's essential to note that while these reasons may make TrackVia a suitable choice for certain users, Tadabase offers a more feature-rich and robust platform.

TrackVia is expected to release a comparison page highlighting the differences between Tadabase and TrackVia from their perspective, and this may provide further insights for those deciding.

Some notable TrackVia competitors include:

  1. Tadabase: A versatile low-code platform that empowers users to create custom web and mobile applications with advanced functionality and ease of use.
  2. Microsoft Power Apps: Offers a robust set of tools for building custom apps and integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products.
  3. OutSystems: Known for its rapid application development capabilities and a wide range of features for creating enterprise-grade applications.
  4. Appian: Provides comprehensive process automation and low-code development capabilities, making it a strong choice for complex business processes.
  5. Mendix: Offers a collaborative environment for building applications quickly and efficiently, with a focus on usability and scalability.
  6. Quickbase: A no-code platform that empowers users to build custom applications and automate workflows without coding.
  7. Zoho Creator: A no-code platform that allows users to create web and mobile applications with built-in integration and automation features.
  8. Caspio: A no-code platform for building online databases and custom applications with a focus on ease of use and scalability.
  9. Knack: Provides a no-code platform for creating online databases and web applications with customizable features and integrations.
  10. Bubble: A popular no-code platform that enables users to build web applications with custom databases and logic, known for its flexibility and app-building capabilities.

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