Don't miss out on these Tadabase-exclusive features:

Hosting and Deployment
Custom domain
SQL-backed infrastructure
SSL certificates
True white label
App embed

Tadabase Pipes
Google Data Studio
Stripe subscriptions

Design and Customization
Custom component designer
Advanced page customization
Custom themes
Popup Pages
Page redirect rules

Security and Compliance
Builder change logs
Granular page security
Login logs
Logout existing sessions
Record delete history
View change logs app-side
SOC2 Type2
Layout Level Security
SOC2 Type2
Single sign on
Privacy shield
Password policy
IP white listing
Record change history
Email logs
View change logs app-side
Record delete history
Logout existing sessions
Login logs
Granular page security
Builder change logs

Forms and Fields
Multi-step forms
Advanced form redirect
Advanced form layouts
Assign score values to dropdowns
Color badges in options
Enable/disable display rules
Get form values from URL
Insert non-connected records in rules
Logged-in user values for record rules
Require/unrequire fields in display rules
See connected values in forms
Slider field
Validation error messages
Shared Connection Filtering
Equation fields
Filtered dropdowns
Dependent dropdown
Geo-code addresses
Complex formulas
Basic formulas
Record rules
Get form values from URL

Custom component designer
Resource grid / Gantt chart
Pivot tables
Advanced search component
Lists / Galleries

Tadabase Pipes
Batch updates
Export templates
Front-end importing
Triggered related tasks
Triggered tasks
PDF Form Filler
Scheduled tasks
Export templates

Advanced Features
App variables
Table rules
Builder API
Filter by records connected to logged-in user
Hide columns in filter tabs
Multi-select update/delete
Send emails to/from the logged-in user
Universal inline editing
Table filter tabs
Action links
Shared builder

Top 10 reasons why customers switch from Knack to Tadabase:


1. Tadabase is the only platform you need to run your business.

Tadabase offers all the essential features and services your business needs, included in one platform. Included are multi-file uploads, PDF management, app-side data importing, automatic domain certificate generation, effortless integration with external services, and so much more.  This means you won't have to spend on third-party tools or spread your data across multiple services, unlike Knack. In contrast, on Knack, essential services are often lacking, forcing Knack users to spend extra money on external tools. This not only raises expenses but also needlessly complicates data management, making it less efficient. Tadabase, with its extensive features, may have a slightly steeper learning curve. However, the effort is worthwhile when you consider the extra costs and data challenges Knack users often face. A faster learning curve for a limited, simpler platform can seem tempting, but it can be penny wise, pound foolish.  


2. Tadabase has Pipes.

Tadabase uses its proprietary integration system, Pipes, to dynamically integrate any external data into your app. This removes the need for 3rd party integration tools like Zapier, Integromat, or Workato. One of the reasons that Tadabase stands out as the top Knack alternative is its Pipes feature. Customers who switched from other no-code platforms such as Knack report an 80% decrease in their tech stacks since switching to Tadabase. By utilizing Tadabase's built-in Pipes, customers have slashed their monthly integration expenses by thousands of dollars. With Pipes, you'll be able to seamlessly integrate real-time data with preferred external services without exiting your app.


3. Tadabase is scalable.

Tadabase surpasses typical technological limitations thanks to its all-powerful SQL-backed infrastructure. With a combined 30+ years of experience in constructing robust infrastructures and scaling large applications, alongside long-standing certifications in Microsoft Engineering and AWS architecture, the founders built Tadabase from the ground up. Their primary goal was to enable limitless growth, making it the core focus of the platform's design.


4. Tadabase is enterprise ready.

Tadabase offers an exceptional enterprise-ready infrastructure that ensures your app scales effortlessly in step with your business growth. Unlike any other no-code platform, Tadabase can handle millions of records swiftly and efficiently. Scaling on Tadabase is a seamless process. You can easily add dedicated resources when required through a transparent pricing model and self-manageable dedicated servers. From your dedicated server dashboard, you have the flexibility to monitor your app's performance and dedicated resources autonomously. You can easily scale your servers up or down according to your specific needs.


5. Tadabase apps can be white labeled, for real.

While Knack claims to provide white-labeled web apps, yet their information persists in customers' app codes and URLs. This hinders the creation of a truly custom or white-labeled application. At Tadabase, when we say that our apps are custom to your business, we mean it. Your Tadabase white labeled app will have zero mention of Tadabase throughout the app code, URL, or design. This guarantees that: Consumer-facing applications can have their own distinctive appearance. Applications developed for clients will appear as if created entirely from scratch.


6. Tadabase is customizable.

All Knack apps are quite similar, so after seeing one, you've essentially seen them all. At Tadabase, we understand that your business is unique, and your app should mirror your specific brand and style. With features like custom login forms, drag-and-drop themes, and over two dozen unique components, your app's potential holds no limit. We know the struggle of fitting square data into round views. With Tadabase, the app you truly envision is ready to become a reality.


7. Tadabase prioritizes your security.

At Tadabase, the security of your data is our #1 priority. While Knack claims to value security, one look at a Knack app's code and you'll quickly find API keys and other sensitive data. Customizing your web app on Tadabase doesn't require exposing your API keys in Javascript. We provide server-side methods, allowing you to achieve extensive customizations without the need to expose your API credentials.


8. Tadabase offers more admin controls and app-side features.

Tadabase firmly believes that your data is yours, and you should have the freedom to manage it as you see fit. That's why we offer robust admin controls and increased flexibility for your app users to engage with your data from the app-side, giving you full discretion. For instance, our app-side importing feature lets you decide whether your users can systematically import records directly within the app, with the option to automate processes on those imports. Additionally, our app-side logging of user logins and record changes enables you to choose whether your users can access logs of user logins and record modifications directly from the app. Knack, on the other hand, lacks these similar features and flexibility, limiting their customers' control and the essential interaction of app users with data.


9. Tadabase is developer-friendly.

Tadabase provides a more structured approach to your custom code by segmenting it at the page, layout, or app level. This means you won't risk crashing your entire app with a breaking change. Additionally, Tadabase offers Page Versioning, allowing developers to track and revert to previous page versions swiftly. For teams, Tadabase offers finer control over member permissions compared to Knack's broader permissions. Additionally, developers can leverage our Builder API to manage their apps through API endpoints and showcase their skills by creating custom component designs, unlocking endless possibilities within Tadabase.


10. Tadabase is on a mission.

At Tadabase, our mission is to empower businesses to thrive while saving them valuable time. We consider each customer a partner and collaborate closely with you to create a customized database solution that unlocks your company's competitive edge. Our commitment to our customers is unwavering, and we take pride in our responsive approach. Our roadmap is constantly evolving, shaped by the input of our vibrant and satisfied Tadabase community. At Tadabase, our motto is "yes," reflecting our dedication to meeting your needs. We are deeply committed to our customers, and our pace of releasing updates is approximately 20 times faster than that of Knack, underscoring our dedication to keeping you at the forefront of innovation.


Ready To Make The Switch From Knack?

Frequently Asked Questions

We can probably do better. Contact our sales team at with two (2) of your most recent Knack invoices and we'll be happy to work with you.

Pipes in Tadabase are valuable, even with Zapier integration, for the following reasons:

  1. Cost Savings: By using Pipes you can eliminate the need for additional third-party integration tools like Zapier. This means you'll save money on monthly or annual Zapier subscription fees.
  2. Real-time Integration: Pipes work in real-time, allowing you to view integrated Pipe values dynamically without having to save records first. This real-time functionality can enhance the efficiency and immediacy of your app's integrations.

Pipes are a good alternative to Knack integrations and Zapier, as they save money and provide real-time integration benefits.

When comparing Tadabase vs Knack Pricing, it may initially appear that Tadabase is priced higher. However, it's essential to consider the comprehensive cost savings that Tadabase provides.

When using Knack, you may incur additional expenses for functionalities like PDF generation, which often requires third-party tools. In contrast, Tadabase integrates features such as PDF generation, API access, and automation (similar to Zapier and Make) directly within the platform. This not only streamlines workflows but also significantly reduces the reliance on external tools, resulting in substantial long-term cost savings.

Yes, you can use Tadabase and Knack simultaneously if needed.

Pipes and Databridge enable seamless integration with Knack, allowing you to load and update data in real-time. This can be particularly valuable during the transition phase, facilitating the smooth transfer and synchronization of data between the two platforms. Databridge allows you to pull data from external sources, such as Knack, into Tadabase in real-time, without the need to store it directly within the app. This ensures that your migration to Tadabase is as efficient and effective as possible.

However, it's essential to note that Tadabase is designed to provide a comprehensive solution with a wide range of functionalities, often exceeding what Knack offers. While you can use both platforms concurrently during a transition period, it's advisable to consider a complete migration to Tadabase for a more streamlined and efficient operation, leveraging its advanced features and integrations to their fullest extent.

A few reasons someone might opt to continue using Knack over transitioning to Tadabase:

  1. Ease of Migration: Migrating from one platform to another can be a complex and time-consuming process. Users with a significant amount of data or highly customized applications in Knack might find the transition challenging. The effort and resources required for migration could be a deterrent, leading them to remain with their current setup. If this sounds familiar, remember, our team is here to help.
  2. Simplicity for Beginners: With its limited feature set, Knack might be seen as more simple for beginners. Users who are new to database management systems might find Knack's user-friendly interface and fewer features less intimidating. This simplicity can make Knack a more approachable starting point for users who are just getting beginning with such tools.

It's essential to note that while these reasons may make Knack a suitable choice for certain users, Tadabase offers a more feature-rich and robust platform.

Knack is expected to release a comparison page highlighting the differences between Tadabase and Knack from their perspective, and this may provide further insights for those deciding.

Some notable Knack competitors include:

  1. Tadabase: Tadabase offers a powerful no-code platform with advanced features for building custom applications. It is known for its robust integrations, scalability, and flexibility.
  2. Bubble: Bubble is a popular no-code platform that enables users to build web applications with custom databases and logic. It's known for its extensive flexibility and app-building capabilities.
  3. OutSystems: OutSystems is a low-code platform designed for enterprise-level application development. It offers a comprehensive set of features for building complex, scalable applications.
  4. AppSheet (now part of Google Cloud): AppSheet is a no-code platform that integrates with Google Workspace and allows users to create custom apps using Google Sheets as a data source.
  5. Mendix: Mendix is a low-code platform focused on enterprise app development. It provides tools for building, deploying, and managing applications at scale.
  6. PowerApps (by Microsoft): PowerApps is part of Microsoft's Power Platform and allows users to build custom business applications integrated with Microsoft services like SharePoint and Azure.
  7. Quickbase: Quick Base offers a no-code platform for building custom business applications. It's known for its ease of use and integration capabilities.
  8. Zoho Creator: Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that enables users to build custom applications with workflow automation and integration features.
  9. Caspio: Caspio is a no-code platform for building web applications and databases. It's often used for creating online databases and business applications.
  10. Airtable: While not a direct competitor in terms of complexity, Airtable offers a user-friendly platform for creating custom databases and managing data in a visually appealing way.