What is Tadabase?

Tadabase is a Los Angeles based software company empowering every business to automate their workflow and streamline operations on a single platform without ever writing a single line of code.

How did Tadabase begin?

Tadabase was founded in 2016 when two seasoned web app developers, Moe and Hitesh, envisioned a better way to build a modern database. While they enjoyed nothing more than watching their clients’ businesses skyrocket with the custom apps they were hired to build, the guys knew there had to be a better way for those closest to the data at work to build their own business apps without costly and time-consuming development or uncustomizable spreadsheets and softwares.

Our mission

Founded on the belief that software should be built around businesses and not the other way around, Tadabase aims to prove that easy customization and powerful functionality are not mutually exclusive.

With the most powerful data security, automation, and design functionality delivered on the easiest no-code, drag and drop interface, Tadabase empowers businesses to automate their workflows and visually streamline their work processes quickly, easily, and without code.

Trusted by thousands of small and large businesses

+ 45,000
2.5 Billion

Leadership Team

Moe Levine
Co-founder / CEO
Hitesh Sidhappura
Co-founder / CTO
Zahava Block
Sariva Sherman
Creative Director
Menachem Cowen
Customer Success Manager
Tadabase is rapidly growing and looking to expand our team of passionate no-code enthusiasts obsessed with customer success and helping businesses build custom apps. If you’re excited about the no-code movement and thrive in a disruptive, fast-paced environment, shoot us an email at careers@tadabase.io.

What are our core competencies?

Your data security. Above all else, our commitment to safeguarding your data is the priority influence behind every feature and infrastructure decision we make. This is why we use Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading web service platform, to host our infrastructure and follow the strictest policy guidelines to protect your data 24/7. This is also why we’re obsessed with security and login features, constantly releasing new login and auditing capabilities and perfecting our current ones to ensure that your data is bulletproof.

We thrive on complex customization. There are many cookie-cutter app solutions out there. We’re not one of them. The cornerstone of Tadabase that sets us apart is that we celebrate your unique business process, and helping businesses build their apps around their custom needs instead of the other way around is what makes us tick. This is why feature requests don’t scare us, they delight us! Even when they’re challenging or time-consuming, we’ll always prioritize adding features that grant you more customizability and control.

We love to support our customers. At Tadabase, customer success isn’t just a department, it’s who we are. This is because we value our customers not as single sign-ups using our product but as individual contributors to the development of Tadabase on its journey towards changing the way the world automates business management. Every support ticket, every feature request, every feedback, and every single chat with our customers is integral to our development, cherished, and truly appreciated. We offer round the clock support to our customers and we’ll never stop evolving, disrupting, and developing until together we’ve removed all barriers between businesses and the cloud.