Our story is your story.

As seasoned web app developers, Moe and Hitesh loved nothing more than watching their clients’ businesses skyrocket with the custom database apps they were hired to build.

But creating a custom app from scratch requires a lot of coding, time, and money, making this critical business tool unattainable for many businesses. And while there were simpler and more affordable data management tools on the market, Moe and Hitesh knew there had to be a better way to bridge the expensive, time-consuming custom app development with the limited, cookie-cutter softwares devoid of customization and creativity.

Web apps for everyone.

And so, with the belief that custom business apps should be accessible to every business, big or small, Moe and Hitesh created Tadabase, a revolutionary platform that empowers business owners and their teams to build themselves their own custom database apps without ever writing a single line of code. By removing the need for expensive developers with lengthy time frames and maximizing the power, security, and customization possibilities of a custom app, Tadabase puts the power of business data management in the hands of the everyday people closest to the data at work.