Field Service and Remote Data Capturing

Empower your employees out in the field and back in the office with streamlined workflows and centralized data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Customize your software around your business, not the other way around.

Cookie-cutter softwares and rigid spreadsheets aren't built for limitless customization and scale. Tadabase is built to customize around your exact work processes and built to scale in tandem with your business growth.

Your custom field service solution at a glance.

Reports and Analytics

Run custom reports on the fly to gain critical insights and analytics into your field service operations, remote workforce, and business overall.

Project Management

Keep work flowing with streamlined project, job, and task assignment, saving resources by keeping everyone focused and on the same page.

Inventory Management

Update inventory and field assets on the fly with instant on-site data capturing so you can make purchasing decisions faster than ever.

Custom CRM

Visually track customers, vendors, proposals, and contracts through every stage of their processes with a fully customizable CRM that includes built-in workflow visualization, easy drag and drop customization, and dynamically visual components that are easy to process, interactive, and actionable.

Safety and Compliance

Instantly act on incident reports and compliance inspections as they occur in real-time with streamlined remote data capturing of images, videos, PDFs, signatures, geo-locations, and more. Track and analyze this data to define regulatory compliance procedures and workflows to increase safety measures and reduce incidents.

Workflow Automation

Save time and money by automating the manual and repetitive tasks bogging down your work orders, stellar on-site service, and business growth. Reduce error and increase reliability by setting your field tasks on an automated schedule and defining your automated, trigger-based workflows to ensure that your processes never miss a beat.

24/7 God View of Your Business

Save time and money with a 360° view of all your operations so you can act on on-site data, incidents, and compliance mandates as they occur in real-time.

Capture on-site data including inventory, signatures, photos, PDFs, and incident reports as they occur in real-time.

With instant streamlining, remote data is immediately available for reporting, and tracking back at headquarters so critical decisions can be made in the moment.

Automate workflows for your remote employees so they have all the necessary prompts and information they need to successfully complete a job on their first on-site visit.

Maintain control of your business operations with the ability to audit any changes made to your app and log all email and login activity.

Equip your field employees for on-the-go success.

Up on a ladder or down in a basement, empower your field employees with the most up-to-date information right at their fingertips.

Eliminate guesswork and error by streamlining all work and compliance processes so remote employees know exactly what to do in any given situation.

Mobile friendly and always responsive, Tadabase makes it easy to capture remote data with built-in integrations that tap into your smartphones' camera, GPS, SMS, and email functionality.

Increase productivity and precision by replacing flat, indecipherable data with dynamic components that are visual, interactive, and easy for employees to process.

Delight your customers with steller on-site support

Increase customer trust and statisfaction with transpernt flow of information and better work done in shorten time.

Create a unique login portal for your customers to stream them into your workflow.

Empower customers with transparent access to their data to track their job status, invoices, order histories, assigned technicians, and more.