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Tadabase’s custom no-code workflow application automates bookings, dispatches, invoicing, and more so you can deliver great service on site

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From bookings to the books

Why automate?

Save time (lots of it).

Let the bots schedule your operations, map out the quickest routes, organize dispatches, and send vital information in real-time, so you can focus on your clients.

Be in the know.

Keep tabs on it all. Know when jobs are scheduled, how long tasks take, and everything in between. Say goodbye to endless Excel sheets and operate from one source of truth.

Increase efficiency.

Let your technicians do their jobs instead of filling out paperwork, updating inventory, and coordinating schedules. Get rid of bulky processes and files for greater efficiency.

For smoother processes, quicker dispatching, and happier clients.

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Some of the wonderful things
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On-site data

Capture on-site data including inventory, signatures, photos, and incident reports, as they occur.

Instant streaming

Instant streaming allows headquarters to track events in real-time so critical decisions can be made in the moment.

Activity Log

Maintain control of all business operations by tracking emails, dispatches, log-ins, changes, reviews, and more.

With Tadabase you get: