Based in Baltimore, MD, Shooz is a boutique shoe store catering towards kids and teens of all ages. Shooz was founded with the goal of enabling style and top-notch service to intersect by bringing the nostalgic shoe shopping experience to today’s kids.

At Shooz, every customer is given quality personal attention, ensuring that the shoes they find are stylish, comfortable and most importantly, adored.

Archaic Shopping Mayhem

Brian Gross, owner of Shooz, turned to Tadabase due to unexpected circumstances. What he anticipated would be a regular opening day, turned into swarms of customers lined up to browse and shop the boutique. This overwhelming positive response was unexpected and his store was not prepared.

Shooz often services hundreds of customers on a single day. The dilemma Brian faced was trying to keep up with demand, without compromising the customer experience which is integral to the company’s mission.

Turning to Innovation

Brian immediately began searching for a solution. Initially, he attempted increasing his staff team, however, he still felt that his company was losing slivers of their core mission. Thus began his search for an automated system that would optimize his business’ workflow.

He started off by searching through existing “off the shelf” software for apparel stores. He found that while many had features that would be beneficial to his boutique, none quite fit the specific mold he envisioned for Shooz.

Brian then discovered no-code and attempted to use Airtable to build a check-in, scheduling, and tracking system to track and notify customers when it was their turn to be fitted for shoes. While this worked on a basic level, it required many integrations that had to be stitched together using Zapier and Integromat. It felt clunky and didn’t 10x their experience. He continued his search until he eventually came across Tadabase. Within minutes, he knew that he arrived at the right place.

Tadabase: Shooz’s Superior Software Solution

After discovering Tadabase, Brian created and implemented his software within a week. The new app allows customers to schedule a time for a consultation (online or in store), and be notified by text message 20 minutes before their turn. This automated system is built into the boutique’s employee software, ensuring that each salesperson can greet every customer by name and provide the highest quality experience. Scheduling a set time allows allocated one-on-one attention with each customer and minimizes overcrowding in the boutique.

Brian shares that the feedback for this new system has been exceedingly positive. Nearly every customer mentions how seamless and effortless the process runs and how considerate of their time Shooz is by using a notification system. Brian feels that these additions “add tremendous value to the overall personal experience and reputation of Shooz.”

“Tadabase adds tremendous value to the overall experience and reputation of Shooz” Brian, Owner of Shooz Boutique

An unexpected benefit of implementing Tadabase is how easily Brian accesses invaluable metrics on how his business is performing and insight on where to improve and scale. In the last month, 600 customers opted to receive text message notifications, providing Shooz with a new avenue for marketing.

Strutting In New Shooz with Tadabase

With Tadabase, Brian can smoothly customize his database to do more and easily meet any customer’s unique needs. His favorite part is “knowing that we are capable of constantly tweaking things so that we are always on the top of our game…it’s never a question of ‘is it possible,’ it’s only a question of ‘what do we want to do.’”

“It’s never a question of: ‘is it possible?’ It's only a question of: ‘what do we want to do?'”
- Brian, Owner of Shooz Boutique

Today, Shooz can easily service hundreds of customers daily, all while providing the highest quality experience. Through using Tadabase, Brian was able to cut out “at least two employees from payroll.” Shooz has a growing following and excellent reputation due in large part to the seamless workflow of the boutique.

“Tadabase does the job of at least two employees”
- Brian, Owner of Shooz Boutique

Brian urges fellow business owners to automate their business with Tadabase. He shares, “A lot of people fear change and are content with what they have, I was like this too. I thought it would be stressful and that I would have to relearn how to operate my business. It is not scary at all, once you implement the process, you realize you should have done this a long time ago.”

“We should have switched to Tadabase a long time ago”
- Brian, Owner of Shooz Boutique

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