Aeris Medical Group is an expert team of physicians and healthcare providers with decades of experience caring for post-acute and geriatric patients. Founded on the principle of providing high-quality customized care, Aeris Medical Group is about outcomes and is a results driven organization.

With locations across the Midwest, Aeris Medical Group provides primary care physicians and nurse practitioners to nursing homes and assisted care facilities. As many of the patients at these facilities need close care, it is imperative that there is easy, streamlined communication between the facilities’ staff and the providers.

Diagnosing the Problem

Dr. Joey Greenberg, Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer at Aeris, set in search of a solution for the communication problem causing chaos at his company. The problem was that each nursing home staff member and provider communicated across a multitude of platforms, be it fax, email or even Whatsapp messages. This decentralized communication often left important staff members out of the loop on critical updates regarding patients. Dr. Greenberg understood that the lack of centralized communication urgently needed to be addressed to optimize everyone’s time and efficiency and for the business to properly scale.

Tadabase, Real-time Treatment for Your Software Headache

Initially, Dr. Greenberg searched through existing software, however, he found that none would seamlessly integrate across all the nursing homes Aeris works with. Dr. Greenberg wanted a custom solution that took into account the company’s unique needs and wishes. He looked into hiring a developer, but quickly understood that this would not be economically feasible. Finding Tadabase allowed Dr. Greenberg to build a database that was highly customizable, at an affordable price. With Tadabase, Dr. Greenberg built a HIPAA compliant message board system with permissions on the account to automatically allow relevant staff to view the messages, even if they were not explicitly included in the conversation. Dr. Greenberg was able to ensure that the platform and interface were easy to use and would swifty integrate with all the facilities Aeris worked with.

Speed was the motivating factor for Dr. Greenberg, “within 1-2 weeks we had a workable app that was introduced into our workflow. It was extremely quick to go from conception to implementation to what it is today, working and functioning perfectly.” The building process was also extremely fast, with no tech experience, Dr. Greenberg was able to quickly visualize and interact with updates to his system. Dr. Greenberg believes this is truly the solution for everyone, stating that “even developers have to slow their mind to go at coding speed. With Tadabase, you minimize this. You have an idea, visualize it and work on it, in real time! This bring a different level of value that might not be seen on its face”

“With Tadabase, you have an idea, visualize it and work on it, in real time!”

Tadabase: Saving Time and Money

Aeris Medical Group has “saved $100,000 by using Tadabase” as this level of customization would not have been possible without a developer. Dr. Greenberg shares that Aeris easily saved an additional $80K on time commitments. Without Tadabase, the team would have to be much more involved in ensuring proper communication, taking the focus away from other important projects.

“Tadabase saved our company around $100K in developer costs and $80K on time commitments”

If you can’t beat them, Join them Tadabase

Dr. Greenberg highly encourages other businesses to automate with Tadabase. He feels that he has the “highest level of customer experience, bar none.” With Tadabase, the options are limitless. Anything Dr. Greenberg thought of or wanted to do, he was ultimately able to, no matter how simple or complex.

“Tadabase doesn’t have barriers or roadblocks that will stop you from moving forward. ‘Use Tadabase’ is the ultimate guidance I can give.”

Scaling and Soaring with Tadabase

Almost two years later, Aeris continues to scale with Tadabase. Dr. Greenberg is thrilled with the app he has built and is excited for the future. He shares, “The fact that Tadabase is still developing and adding features is something that should excite future customers. This allows your business to stay ahead of the curb and keep you with a competitive advantage.” Dr. Greenberg concludes by saying that “I still remain completely unable to write a line of code and I have a beautiful app to show for it.”

“I still remain completely unable to write a line of code and I have a beautiful app to show for it.”
- Dr. Joey Greenberg,  Aeris Medical Group

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