With the Tadabase Online Course Registration template app, students can browse course catalogs and enroll in open courses that meet their interests, schedules, and credit requirements.

Enrollment is triggered with automated registration capping to open and close registration when custom-defined course capacity levels are met. Customize the messages that will display when students successfully enroll in open courses or attempt to enroll in closed courses that have already reached capacity.

With unique portals secured with logins and role-based user permissions, students can track their courses, instructors can track their courses and enrolled students, and school administration can track all course, student, and faculty information. 

Centralize and secure all sensitive information within student and faculty directories that can only be accessed by the right people at the right times. 

Configure this template as a custom online course registration system personalized to your exact registration processes, or easily scale and build the app out into a robust, all-inclusive education software with gradebook tracking, attendance tracking, and educational research across student averages, gaps, and trends.