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Your nonprofit should
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Running an organization is meaningful and maddening.

You love knowing that you’re making people’s lives better.

You hate the neverending paperwork, the million little tasks that no one gets to, and trying to decipher conflicting data from dozens of spreadsheets.

You (and your team) want to automate the busywork and simplify your data so you can focus on what you do best: helping others.

Tadabase’s no-code custom workflow application helps you maximize your time, budget, and resources.

Whether it’s planning an event, launching a campaign, tracking your results, or coordinating volunteers’ schedules, Tadabase enables NPOs to achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

How Tadabase helped the Texas Black Expo provide 300,000+ meals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Aaron Terry, Database Architect

We All Eat / Texas Black Expo

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AI can mimic your mind and hands, but
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