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90% of custom coded software doesn't get to production. You can change that.

$1.2 Million Saved

“We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on custom code, and it didn't get us anywhere. With Tadabase, we were able to recreate the functionalities of an "off the shelf" software offered at 1.2 million dollars.”

Moshe Azer CEO Fino Customs Clothing

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35X Faster

“The rate of growth of our company would not have been possible without Tadabase”

Ben Founder of Global Distributors

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99.999% Uptime

“Tadabase is by far and away better than other products I’ve looked at.”

Keith Revell QJA consultant and former board president

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It seems your business is growing up ready to centralize and streamline your data. Lucky you found us before you got lost in the custom code maze. Here's how Tadabase is going to save you from joining so many others in the developer black-hole:


Speed is of the essence in today's fast-paced business environment. With pre-built database infrastructure, application framework, and components, you can build your app as fast as point and click instead of with endless lines of code.


No more waiting on developers, it’s time to take control back and see real-time results within minutes. Say goodbye to the perpetual excuse of "We're just waiting on…" with custom projects.


Building on Tadabase means joining a thriving community of like-minded business owners and no-code developers. Get support, inspiration, and valuable insights within our community.


Using developers can be up to 100 times more expensive than using Tadabase. While hiring a top-notch team of developers might work for some, it's not feasible or necessary for the average business. Tadabase provides a cost-effective and realistic solution that covers speed, infrastructure, and performance.


Developers often resist frequent changes, but with Tadabase, making adjustments is a breeze. You're in control of your app and can implement changes without relying on third parties. With the power of no-code, empower non-technical employees to optimize workflows and adapt to evolving needs.

Infrastructure & Security

Custom code requires extensive DevOps expertise to ensure security and scalability. Tadabase takes care of all infrastructure needs, meeting the highest industry standards, including SOC2, HIPAA, AWS, Sqreen, and government-grade encryptions. Plus, ongoing monitoring and upgrades are all part of the package.

Reduced Knowledge Transfer

Break free from the confines of a developer's code. Unlike custom code, where the focus often dwells on technicalities like language and framework choices, Tadabase ensures that your application aligns precisely with your business's data systems and workflows, focusing on what actually matters.

Compounding improvements

Tadabase continuously innovates and implements upgrades. With custom code, improvements stop when developers move on. Tadabase users benefit from a platform that evolves according to a set roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do, period.

If it involves data, you can build it on Tadabase. From internal databases to consumer-facing web apps, you can build any solution you need to manage and automate your data. For inspiration, check out our library of industry-specific template apps you can install and customize as your own.

Certainly! Importing your data onto Tadabase is as easy as copy and paste. You can also upload your CSV files or use one of our several integrations for fast and easy onboarding.

Of course! We offer a free 30 minute consultation to help you build your app as well as excellent support across multiple channels for additional assistance. Please click here for plan details or email us at support@tadabase.io for information on customized support plans.

All apps from Performance plans and above can be fully whitelabeled, code and branding throughout. If you are a developer building apps for your clients, this means your apps will present entirely as if you built them from scratch.

Yes! Feel free to use a Tadabase subdomain or your own custom domain. We’ll also include a free SSL certificate.

No worries. Same here! Each user is considered a record, your user limit is capped at your record limit.

Based on extensive reviews and user feedback, the leading alternatives and competitors to custom software development include: Tadabase, Trigama, Cognizant, Suffescom Solutions Inc., Designil, Teravision Technologies, OneSix, Wipro Salesforce Practice, and Net Solutions.

Discover how these platforms provide innovative and efficient alternatives to conventional custom coding:

Tadabase: Streamlines app creation with its robust no-code development platform.
Trigama: Delivers flexible software solutions that adapt to your business needs.
Cognizant: Offers a suite of IT and custom software development services to drive digital transformation.
Suffescom Solutions Inc.: Specializes in custom software to automate and digitize business workflows.
Designil: Focuses on creating software with superior design and seamless user experiences.
Teravision Technologies: Employs agile methodologies for responsive and adaptive software development.
OneSix: Provides unique software solutions that are tailored to the distinct needs of diverse businesses.
Wipro Salesforce Practice: Integrates custom software solutions with the Salesforce ecosystem for enhanced CRM capabilities.
Net Solutions: Delivers comprehensive custom development services for businesses aiming for digital excellence.

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