Project Management

Automate your project management with scheduled and on-demand automation including automated task assignment, budget calculations, and task reminders. 


Don’t just manage your projects, automate them!

With the Tadabase Project Management template app, you can create custom workflows for your team and automate them with scheduled and on-demand automation, conditional logic rules, and complex equations that can be defined with drag and drag ease.

Automate tedious project management tasks including task assignment, budget calculations, and reminding team members to complete tasks before the assigned deadlines.

Keep your team focused and on task with interactive components that track projects, progress, and deadlines at a glance. 

Use workflow-visualization tools including kanban tables, summary cards, and custom status indicators to engage with your project management, and customize dynamic forms to add new projects, team members, and custom workflows.

With personalized dashboards, team members can track their individual tasks and progress as well as collaborate with other team members to complete projects as a whole. 

Invite unlimited team members to collaborate with your project management application and secure all data with logins and user permissions that direct users to access only their relevant information and workflow prompts.


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