The Tadabase Job Board template app is a recruitment platform that connects companies seeking new hires with job-seeking candidates. The template is fully-built and fully-loaded for employers to begin posting jobs and candidates to begin applying for open jobs, and once installed it can be customized and scaled around your exact job board processes and automated workflow requirements. 

Monetize your job board application with subscription functionality that empowers you to invite employers to subscribe to your job board platform via Tadabase's native Stripe integration.

Once employers subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription plan that meets their recruiting needs, they can begin posting jobs and connect with candidates.

Subscription plans can be fully configured with custom payment plans, custom success and error messages, custom Stripe settings, and more. 

With a unique applicant portal, candidates can browse and filter open jobs, upload their resumes and candidate profiles, review companies, apply for positions, and track their job applications.

Automate the recruitment process on both sides including automated interview scheduling, reference verification, sending automated rejection emails to declined candidates, and sending automated notifications to employers when new applications are submitted.

With logins and role-based user permissions, you can invite unlimited employers and candidates to access their relevant information and workflow prompts without compromising data security or private, unrelated data. 

With login logs, email logs, and user data tracking, you can maintain full control of your app security at all times. 

A View For Everyone

A View For Everyone