Inventory Tracking

The only app you’ll need to track current inventory.

Your inventory and the process with which you track your inventory is highly personal and unique to your business. With the Tadabase inventory tracking template app, you can stop adjusting your inventory needs to fit those of cookie-cutter softwares and uncustomizable spreadsheets, and you can start customizing a limitless database app to perfectly suit your unique inventory demands. Our inventory tracking template app will provide the foundation you need to start managing your inventory immediately, and you can build it out and customize the app at your own pace as your business and inventory needs scale.


Easily track current inventory levels in real-time so you can always rely on accurate, up to date stock count. Track all outgoing and incoming shipments, purchase orders, sale orders, products, prices, manufacturers, customers, business locations, and more, so you can streamline all the data you need in one centralized database. that’s secured by powerful login functionality. 


With maximum login and data security functionality, you can custom-define what each user can see and do upon login to your app so you can rest assured that your data is secure and uncompromised at all times. With login and audit logs, you can also monitor any changes made to your app as well as all login activity to further maximize your data security and control. 


Tracking inventory is one of the most crucial, yet tedious task of running a business.With our inventory tracking template app, you can easily automate your manual and repetitive tasks so you can stop getting bogged down by administrative work and start spending more time growing your business. So you can create automated alerts when inventory counts fall below custom-defined quantity levels or trigger automated emails/texts to customers when items have been restocked, etc. The custom automation possibilities are endless. 


And with custom grouping and filter options, you can easily gain invaluable insights into your business, such as gauging the profitability of each product, product category, manufacturer, etc. Custom dashboards will also provide you with easy to read stats so you can process all your data at a glance and make instant, informed decisions.