Inventory Tracking

The only app you’ll need to track and automate current inventory.

Your inventory and the process with which you track your inventory is highly personal and unique to your business. With the Tadabase inventory tracking template app, you can stop adjusting your inventory needs to fit those of cookie-cutter softwares and uncustomizable spreadsheets and you can start customizing a limitless database app to perfectly suit your exact inventory demands. Our inventory tracking template app will provide the foundation you need to start managing your inventory immediately, and you can build it out and customize the app at your own pace as your business and inventory needs scale.

Easily track current inventory levels in real-time so you can always rely on accurate, up to date stock count. Track all outgoing and incoming shipments, purchase orders, sale orders, products, prices, manufacturers, customers, business locations, and more so you can streamline all the data you need on one secure, centralized database. 

Choose from our extensive library of dynamic components to bring your inventory to life and display your inventory data in visual, colorful, and intuitive viewpoints that make sense. Choose the kanban component to visually track your inventory through every stage of the order process, the map and calendar components to visually track your inventory with dynamic features including custom icons and color tags, pop up detail windows, inline editing, drag and drop, etc., as well as many additional components that are each intuitively dynamic in their own design.    

Run custom reports to gain invaluable analytics into your inventory and business, and summarize results in custom color and icon coded summary cards that can be displayed on custom dashboards personalized for each user. Upon login to the app, each user can be greeted with personalized dashboards displaying all user-relevant stats, analytics, assigned tasks, workflow prompts, and anything else each user needs to succeed in collaboration of your inventory process.

With unique password-protected login portals, custom-defined user data-access, and custom login and logout routes, you can ensure maximum data security at all times and control exactly what each user can see and do on your app. You can custom-define exactly which data and pages of your app are password-protected, and you can custom-define each user's specifc data access based on their user role, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign for each user. 

With login and audit logs, you can also monitor any changes made to your app as well as all login activity to further maximize your data security and control. 

Tracking inventory is one of the most crucial, yet tedious task of running a business. With our inventory tracking template app, you can easily automate your manual and repetitive tasks so you can stop getting bogged down by administrative work and start spending more time growing your business.

Schedule automated tasks, trigger custom automated workflows, create supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions, and trigger automated alerts, notifications, emails, texts, and other automated tasks to turn your entire inventory management process on autopilot.

So when an item has been restocked, with just a click of a button you can trigger an automatic update of all records, an automatic email sent to customers, personalized per customer, alerting them of the restock, and an automatic notification to assigned employees alerting them of the restock. You can trigger automated alerts to employees when inventory counts fall below custom-defined quantity levels or you can schedule automated emails to employees every morning at 9:00AM to notify them of current weekly stock. All automation is fully customizable so you can trigger your ideal automated workflow and streamline your entire inventory process from start to finish.