Inventory Tracking

Stay ahead of inventory with real-time inventory tracking, automated reorder alerts, and automated emails to customers and suppliers.

Automate critical inventory calculations including incoming and outgoing shipments to seamlessly track current inventory levels at any given second. 

Track real-time inventory stock on multiple levels including on hand products, total net products, delivered shipments and shipments still incoming. 

Stay ahead of inventory with automated reorder alerts triggered by custom-defined minimum inventory levels. 

Reorder products with a click of a button and reorder forms are triggered with automated emails to suppliers to request custom-defined product quantity reorders.

Run custom reports across all inventory values to gain accurate and timely insights into inventory processes and stats, catching meaningful inventory changes and trends as they occur to drive smarter, faster inventory decision making.  

With unique login portals and role-based user permissions, app admin can easily add a unique supplier portal for suppliers to track their relevant order and product information or a unique customer portal for customers to track their purchases and shipment statuses. 

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