Goal Tracker

The only app you'll need to track your goals and automate your progress.

Whether you’re a small team looking to manage your internal goals or a full-size company looking for a robust project management app, this goal tracker template app can be fully customized to meet your exact management needs.


Add your goals, track their progress, and automate your project and goal workflows. Visually track each goal’s progress as well as each team member’s progress in reaching assigned goals. 


Increase productivity and team engagement by managing your goals and progress with dynamic components that are visually engaging and easy and fun to interact with. Visually track your goals through every stage of your custom progress pipeline with the kanban component. Visually track your progress with custom status indicators, dynamic calendars, and interactive accordion components. Create dynamic forms to capture accurate and strategic information, and run custom reports to analyze that information in real-time and make best, informed decisions in the moment.  


Automate your goals to reach them in less time with less management. Schedule automated emails, texts, reminders, notifications, and other tasks to keep work flowing on an automatic schedule. Trigger automated workflows on-demand with actionable buttons and links, and trigger automated actions behind the scenes when forms are submitted. 


Easily automate your goals and workflows across any system you work with using our native and third-party integrations.


Share your goals and progress with the right people at the right times with user logins, user roles and permissions, custom routing upon login and logout, and more. Secure your app as well as specific pages and records within your app based on users’ roles and logged-in status. Monitor your app security going forward with email logs, login logs, user location tracking, and more.