Event Planning

Track and automate events, vendors, clients, contracts, tasks, and all the workflows you need to plan your events to success.

From guest lists to venues to vendors to budgeting...the many details that execute a successful event are constantly changing, often right up to the last minute. Event planners need an event planning software that can match their hustle but most event softwares on the market are too basic and uncustomizable to keep up.

The Tadabase event planning app provides the perfect solution for the modern event planner with a no-code software that is fully customizable and scalable around each planner’s exact processes. Track, analyze, and automate exactly what you need, how you need it, and share the right information with the right people at the right times. 


Automate all your tedious and repetitive event planning tasks including invoice and expense calculations, task assignment, coordinating venues and event details with vendors, and collecting payments from clients.


Track events, clients, vendors, invoices, expenses, and all the workflows you need to plan each party to success. Free your data from scattered and static spreadsheets, never-ending email threads, and paper forms and empower all your event data with dynamic components that are visual, interactive, and fun to engage with. 


With dynamic reports, forms, kanban tables, calendars, maps, and more, you can visually track all your data and workflows to ensure you never miss a beat.


Use strategic workflow-visualization tools including drag and drop, inline editing, filters and grouping, custom status indicators, summary cards, and personalized dashboards to track all your information and processes at a glance.


With logins and role-based user permissions, you can invite unlimited users including employees, clients, and vendors to collaborate with your app with no compromise to your data security. Maintain constant control of your app security with login and email logs, user-data tracking, and full customization of all unlimited app settings. 

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