Event Planning

The only app you’ll need to track your events, vendors, contracts, tasks, and everything else you need to plan your events to success. 


From guest lists to venues to vendors to budgeting...the details that execute a successful event are constantly changing and scaling, often right up to the last minute. Event planners need an event management system that can match their hustle, but traditional event planning softwares are often too basic and inflexible to keep up. 

The Tadabase event planning template app provides the solution for the modern event planner with a custom app that’s fully customizable and flexible to the dynamic demands of event planning. With custom dashboards, menus, page designs, components, and more, you’ll have quick and easy access to track everything you need, including your events, clients, contracts, invoices, vendors, venues, tasks, and any other information you’d like to manage. Choose from our extensive library of components to display your data however it makes the most sense to you and your users, like with a feature-rich event calendar, event map, or with a  kanban table that displays your events through every step of the event planning process.  


With lightning-speed inline editing, filtering, and grouping functionality, you’ll be able to process, update, and share your event details quickly and on the fly.


Streamline your workflow and eliminate countless hours spent on manual, administrative tasks with custom automated triggers that automate your emails and texts, notifications, alerts, follow up tasks, and assignment of tasks to team members for a perfect automated workflow. Create automatic insights with display rules, instantly alerting you to vital stats and patterns you may have previously missed with a manual workflow. 


Maximize your data security and workflow efficiency with custom-defined access for each user, so users can only see and do what is relevant to them based on their user roles, job capacity, or any other criteria you wish to set. Create as many user roles and unique login portals as you need so your event planning team, clients, vendors, and anyone else you’d like to collaborate with your app can access the data and workflow triggers pertinent to their roles. Login and audit logs fortify your data security and control even further by enabling you to monitor every time a change is made to your app as well as all login activity.