Employee Time Tracker

Employees can clock in and out and track their hours. HR can track all employee hours and automate time sheet calculations, trends, and alerts.

Say goodbye to manual punch cards, needless data reentry, error-prone manual timesheet calculations, and scattered spreadsheets that require multiple versions to secure sensitive data for multiple user roles. 

With the Tadabase Employee Time Tracker template app, employees can clock in and out from any device to instantly streamline their hours and timesheet calculations with HR. 

With unique login portals and role-based user permissions, employees can log, edit, and track their time sheets with no risk of exposing private, unrelated data. 

Employee time sheet forms are triggered with automated workflows including automated emails to HR when new hours are submitted and automated timesheet calculations across employees, departments, and custom date ranges. 

Timesheet calculations are instantly streamlined with HR dashboards that track employee hours by the day, week, YTD, and across employee and department-wide hourly averages. At a glance, HR can track invaluable timesheet analytics and catch meaningful trends and changes in employee hours as they occur.

Additional HR time tracking tasks can be automated including sending automated emails to employees requesting time verification and automating alerts when employee hours fall below or above custom-defined time values.

With advanced admin controls including login logs, email logs, and user location tracking, HR can gain critical insights into employee app activity including locations and timesheet edits. 

This employee time tracker template app can be kept as a simple and streamlined timesheet management app or it can be easily scaled and built out into an all-inclusive employee management software including employee scheduling, employee training, and employee performance reviews.

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