Employee Time Off Manager

Employees can request time off and track their remaining vacation days. HR can approve or deny time off requests and track all employee scheduling.

Configure a custom employee scheduling app for HR to approve, deny, and track employee vacation requests and employees to request time off and track their vacation days. 

If your company is still tracking employee scheduling with paper forms, scattered spreadsheets, endless email and messaging threads, and cookie-cutter softwares, it’s time to upgrade to a custom employee scheduling software.

With the Tadabase employee time-off manager template app, you can configure a custom scheduling application around your company’s exact processes and workflows. 

This template offers everything you need to begin tracking, analyzing, and automating your employees’ time-off requests and scheduling, and if needed, it can easily be scaled into an all-inclusive employee management app with time sheet tracking, employee directory, task management, performance reviews, and more.

With unique login portals and role-based user permissions, employees can login to request time off and track their requests, vacation days, and time-off history. 

HR can approve or deny employee time-off requests and manage employees’ vacation days overall.

With automated workflows, complex formulas, and conditional logic rules, HR can easily automate manual and repetitive tasks including tracking and allocating vacation days, approving vacation requests, and calculating each employee’s current available vacation days. 

Managing your employee time-off system is easy with dynamic and intuitive components that make it simple to process all employee scheduling stats at a glance. 

Run custom reports across employees to track trends and meaningful changes in time-off requests and accumulated vacation days as they occur, empowering HR to make informed decisions in the moment and address any issues as soon as they arise. 

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