Custom CRM

The only app you’ll need to automate your CRM and visually track your customers from contacts to leads to customers and beyond.

With every customer, there is so much to keep track of at each stage of the customer relationship pipeline. With the Tadabase Custom CRM, you can easily track your customer relationships and automate your CRM process.


Unlike generic, cookie-cutter softwares and flat, gridlike spreadsheets, the Tadabase Custom CRM template empowers you to supercharge your data with dynamic, visual, colorful, intuitive, and actionable components that are fully customizable to your unique CRM needs.


Visualize your workflow and visually track your customers through each stage of the CRM pipeline, from contacts to leads to customers, with the highly effective and systemized kanban component. Use tables, lists, maps, calendars, gallery cards, accordions, and more visually dynamic components to manage your CRM pipeline as well as all ongoing customer relationships with projects, tasks, jobs, orders, instant correspondence, and more. Fully flexible in customization and scalability, the Tadabase Custom CRM can be scaled to meet the unique processes of companies of any size and complexity.


Automate your CRM process by transforming your data into actionable triggers, triggering automated alerts, notifications, emails and texts, and follow up tasks when the specific criteria you set is met. So you can trigger custom automated emails/texts when a lead hasn’t been contacted in a set period of time, automatic notifications to the assigned employee when a task is overdue, or automatic new records in the logs when a contact is updated.


Schedule automated tasks, trigger instant custom automated workflows, and create actionable buttons that trigger a series of automated occurrences. You can customize your automation however you wish to create your ideal automated workflow and eliminate hours of work previously spent on manual and repetitve tasks.


With unique login portals and custom data access controls, you can define exactly what each user can see and do on your app based on their user role, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other criteria you wish to define.


When employees, administration, and customers login to your app via their unique login portals, they'll each be securely directed to access only the data and workflow prompts they need to succeed in their particular roles. With custom-defined login and logout routes, custom dashboards personalized for each user, custom assigned tasks, custom reports and intelligent analytics, and more you can direct each of your users to collaborate securely and purposefully on once centralized database.