Applicant Tracking System

Post open jobs and track applicants with automated alerts, interview ranking calculations, and custom status indicators.

Recruiting is often a dreaded HR process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Gone are the days of bloated, cookie-cutter Applicant Tracking Systems that only allow for a rigid and uncustomizable hiring process.

The Tadabase Applicant Tracking System template app is a pre-built, fully-loaded recruitment software that can be personalized to your exact applicant tracking processes and automation requirements.

With this template app, your company HR can immediately begin to post open jobs and track incoming applicants with automated ranking calculations, automated application and ranking alerts, and custom status indicators so you can spot your next great hire quickly, easily, and without ever missing a beat.

Funnel applicants through every stage of your custom-defined recruitment pipeline with automated triggers to push applicants through to the following interview stage.

Automate interview scheduling, rejection emails to applicants who rank below a custom-defined score value, and follow up emails to applicants who rank above a custom-defined score value.

Automate applicant ranking calculations following each interview stage and trigger automated alerts to the HR hiring team when applicants are approved for in-person office interviews or when they rank stellar or above average score values.

With a unique applicant portal, applicants can browse your company's open job listings via custom filters and status indicators and apply for the positions of their choosing. Applicants can upload their resumes and LinkedIn profiles and complete all job application questions with custom forms that can be dynamically customized for each position.

With advanced admin controls including login logs, email logs, and user tracking, HR can gain critical insights into applicants' details, job interests, app activity, and locations.



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