It’s HR.
Not hr (after hr after hr).

Get a custom no-code workflow application for your Human Resources department to save your time and energy for what matters.

Increase employee productivity (and satisfaction)

Reduce careless error (#embarrassing)

Slash storage and printing costs (for real)

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Why automate?

Hey, HR manager. Here are the stats:

The average HR manager wastes

14 hours a week

On tasks that could be automated.

Highly-automated companies are

6x more likely

to see significant revenue growth than low-automated companies.


of HR managers say they have

increased error

without intensive automation.

What this means:

Every day you spend with the Leaning Tower of Paperwork, you waste time, money, and energy that could be spent connecting with company leaders + employees, learning your industry, and networking with the big guys.



Background checks

Job postings



Performance management


Documenting processes

Official termination

and beyond, Tadabase offers a no-code custom workflow application to help you run your company more efficiently than ever.

It’s time to spend time on your future.

(Not reacting to the daily emergency.)

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Best application builder of its kind available!

“The platform is awesome. Lots of features and functionality. The support is excellent and their willingness and speed to add features is by far the best I've ever experienced.”

Marc Dykstra
Owner, EnviroPest.

Some of the wonderful things
Tadabase can help you do

What will YOU do with an extra 14 hours a week?

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Employee Onboarding

Get everyone on the same page, right away, with onboarding and training protocols in your database.

Time Tracking

Visually track timesheets, schedules, PTO, leave requests, employee attendance, and more. Yes!

Tax Filing

Create a self-service portal to accurately and effortlessly calculate taxes for your employees.

With Tadabase you get:

An app for the people (not the geeks).

(We like geeks, too. But you don’t have to be a techy developer to create an awesome database here.)