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School of hard knocks

Running a school can be a headache.

Sound familiar?

Your secretary threatens to quit after dealing with tuition payments, juggling endless papers, and trying to find that elusive form that was just here.

Your parents are frustrated that there’s no easy way to keep track of their kids’ attendance, grades, and schedule. (“What do you mean, he never handed in his science project?!”)

Your teachers gripe that attendance, report cards, assignment submissions, and parent-teacher conferences require a boatload of hard-to-learn software.

We can help.

From registration to graduation (and everything in between), Tadabase will help you run your school efficiently, affordably, and smoothly.

One database. Unlimited opportunities.

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How Tadabase helped The British Institute of Huelva deploy its online education platform and improve communications by 75%

Ashley Williams, Founder and Director

The British Institute of Huelva

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Some of the wonderful things
Tadabase can help you do

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Students can view assignments, grades, courses, and attendance records.

Manage all staff and student information efficiently.

Faculty can track assignments, students, attendance, and grades.

Parents can view child's assignments, grades, and attendance.

Give instructors/teachers the ability to add attendance records for students.

Track and add student grades

Simplify registration; manage courses and their capacity.

If you think it, we can make it happen.

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Create an online

School directory

of all students and staff, protected by logins and user permissions. Cool!

Post an online

Course catalog

with powerful filtering that allows students to enroll in open classes easily.

Build an online

Interactive app

that sends photos, updates, and real-time sign-in status to parents. Wow!

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