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Build custom portals to manage your entire business.

Save thousands of dollars, hours, and coffees with a custom, no-code database that’ll help your business scale, stress-free.

 No coding or geekiness necessary. Ever.

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Hello, option C.

So, you thought you had to decide between:

Spending hours with a developer, taking on a second mortgage and crossing your fingers that your app sees the light of day.
Buying a no-code software, trying to figure it out (#fail) and realizing that no-code means no-go for like, everything you need to do.
Tadabase. The intuitive database platform that promises: No code, No limits.

Best application builder of its kind available!

“The platform is awesome. Lots of features and functionality. The support is excellent and their willingness and speed to add features is by far the best I've ever experienced.”

Marc Dykstra
Owner, EnviroPest.

Tadabase helps you to

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What the heck is no-code anyway?

No-code doesn’t mean that there’s actually no code involved in your app or website.

The code is behind the scenes, wearing a Superman Invisibility Cloak (man, that would be cool), getting everything done with no sweat.

All you have to do is drag-and-drop, using pre-made components to create your perfect app.

Lots of no-code builders limit what you can do, but Tadabase offers true customization.

Tadabase is made for the people.

The business that can’t wait a year for a developer to finish

The growing school that can’t afford a developer’s prices

The company that needs more than canned solutions

Best decision we've made!

“Tadabase was a delightful surprise discovered in 2020! We found Tadabase and were able to quickly shift our production workflow and manage all our integrations, creating a seamless workflow for all our companies. Tadabase has been the best decision we've made.

André Ferrari
Managing Director, Malharia Tropical.

Customer Portals

Put your team on steroids

Create custom portals with unlimited users for seamless collaboration. Role-based permissions ensure team members can access everything they need – and nothing they don’t.

Explore Product

Display Interface

See it as you see fit

Sleek, smooth, and simple interfaces make life easy for you (and your clients). Enjoy 10+ ways to view your data, including tables, timelines, calendars, reports, Kanban, and maps.

Explore Components

Reports and PDFs

Create killer reports

Tadabase’s intuitive extensions help you create stunning charts, comprehensive graphs, and superior metrics. Give your team a competitive edge with Tadabase’s report and PDF generator.

Credit Card Payments

Simplify your swiping

Give your customers an easy way to pay with Tadabase’s Stripe integration. Change currency options, create a charge ID for easy tracking and refunds, and export data with a couple of clicks.

Workflow Automation

Get back hours of your life

Whether you need simple email confirmations or 30-step workflows, Tadabase automates repetitive tasks so you can focus on growing your business. If a bot can do it, why should you?

Why Tadabase?

Innovation is our middle name.

Watch ‘Never’ become ‘Now’. We’ll get you past your brick walls, whether we need to go over, under, or through. We bring a start-up, can-do attitude to work every day. Canned solutions? No way.

Customers are our holy grail.

We have one goal, and that’s to make you the hero of your industry. We take our clients personally — in a good way. Our customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable, and just a quick phone call away.

We’re quick as cheetahs.

Why wait months or years for your app to become reality? With Tadabase, you’ll get your database or app off the ground within 1 week. Blazing-quick, butter-smooth is our name to fame. (Tada!)

We’re trustworthy, not stuffy.

We adhere to the strictest AWS security guidelines, using government-level encryption so your data is always protected. We’re also human and fun and explain things in regular English. You’re welcome. :)

Work like a human. Sell like a machine.

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Does anything tech make you wrinkle your nose?

Need this done for you, like, yesterday?

Tadabase is super easy to use. (I mean, did you check out our 90-second challenge?)

But if your business is exploding beyond your most unicorny dreams and you just want to hand over the headache to some pros…

We can build your database for you.

Learn about Enterprise

Tadabase is grey-hair-reducing and ROI-
increasing for any industry, but we’re a
PERFECT fit if you’re in:

“An amazing platform and support team!"

“An amazing platform and support team, thank you for giving me the ability to bring my business into the 21st century and save so many jobs at this difficult time.”

Ashley Williams
Owner and Director, The British Institute of Huelva.

Your business called.
It wants to scale, like, now.

You’re done with:

Trying to run your business with 24 bajillion apps and spreadsheets

Being burned by developer prices and timelines (Um, come again?)

Kissing your plans goodbye on limiting no-code platforms

You’re ready to:

Say hello to future growth and agility with scalable systems

Give the grunt work to the bots and get back hours of your week

Blow through your benchmarks with a database that checks all your boxes

Get started for free

Build the custom database your business deserves.