Create an Order with an Existing Customer

Get all Products

Get a Product by ID

Update Product Inventory Level

Get Product Variants

Get all Locations

Connect an Inventory Item to a Location

Delete an Inventory Level

Cancel an Order

Create a Product

Update a Product

Get all Customers

Create an Order with a New Customer

Get an Order by ID

Get all Orders

Delete an Order

New Record Created

When a new record is created

Record is Edited

When an existing record is edited

Form Validation Triggered

When form validation is triggered

Form Pipe is Triggered

When a Form Pipe is triggered

Action link is Pressed

When an Action Link is pressed

Page Loaded

When a page is Loaded

Task Processed

When Scheduled Task is Processed

Page Loaded

When a page is Loaded

Data Loaded

When a Data Table Component is Loaded

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