We're ditching our Roadmap and you should too.

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Introducing: Goalmap

A constant struggle in building the world's greatest database web app builder has been updating our customers with what we're building. We put significant resources into ensuring our updates and release notes are up to date; however, that doesn't help you know timelines on what's coming next

We have big dreams at Tadabase. Constant development of new and existing features is influenced by a simple question that we say (and hear) everyday – ”wouldn’t it be cool if…”

This question is always the beginning of how our features and designs are born. A sentiment shared by you, our customers, whose feedback is regularly turned into real-life feature updates and improvements.

Traditionally, companies will have a public roadmap where you can see what those big-picture goals are and when they plan to be completed. However, roadmaps have significant drawbacks that make it difficult for readers to gauge what's coming and when.

Roadmaps lack transparency

Seeing that something is due 'next month' doesn't entirely give the complete picture. Is this a simple update that will only be started next month? Or is this actually 75% of the way to launch?

Roadmaps aren't dynamic

Priorities often change. Updating the roadmaps to reflect the changes in focus is complicated and needs to be manually done.

Roadmap timelines are arbitrary

The timeline defined in roadmaps is often judged by summarizing the points of said tasks and is often wildly inaccurate and arbitrary.

Recently, I thought about how we would solve this issue for our customers, and the idea of a transparent goal map surfaced. The idea is to have a very transparent and dynamically updated goal map that requires nearly no input from our team, other than working through our defined sprints and development tasks.



Tadabase Goal Map

So how does it work?

We love automation - so let’s use it to our advantage!

Our company and product goals are stored in a Tadabase application that we use internally throughout our teams. Goals are defined by various tasks that must be completed in order for the goal to be checked off as “complete”.  As these tasks get added and completed, the roadmap will automatically be updated to reflect a calculated timeline and percentage until completion.

The end result is a clear, accurate, and real-time view into what we’re doing and how we’re doing.

So go ahead, bookmark our goalmap, and display it everywhere so you never miss a beat.

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