Touchinbase with Tadabase - Nov. 10th, 2021

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Behind the Scenes

PDF Generation for Enterprise

It's really incredible to see the limitations of the Tadabase platform pushed and even greater to see how strong the platform really is ?

One Enterprise organization in particular generates thousands of PDFs every single night - some of which contain over 2000 records. We've helped design workflows using Scheduled Tasks to process all the steps required to generate these PDFs.

  1. Check if an organization meets the criteria to generate a PDF
  2. Update a mailing list for stakeholders who should receive a PDF via email
  3. Generate the PDFs
  4. Email the PDFs as attachments to a mailing list of all stakeholders
  5. Reset all flags and status changes

As this system has scaled dramatically, the total time it takes to process all the above steps has also increased dramatically. To improve the generation speeds at this level of complexity required a complete overhaul of the process and to say we were successful is a gross understatement.

We've accomplished breakneck speeds for these PDFs and...get ready...these are real figures...we're not making this up...PDFs are now generating...


360 times faster or 36,000% faster!

We're Expanding!


This is really exciting news for us!


Tadabase is currently experiencing rapid growth and interest with all types of businesses and organizations. Part of our mission is to provide a full-service experience for customers by building a team specifically to nurture large scale customer acquisition and customer retention.


Additionally, we're planning to build an in-house development agency to fulfill customer development requests and jump-start applications into production.


We're so thrilled to be exploring this path and can't wait to see the results!


Components as Records

Let me preface this by saying this is fairly conceptual right now.


If you read the last release of Touchinbase with Tadabase, you know that we are working on a UI update for the our Builder. Specifically, every page, record, field, component, etc. will display a unique URL in your browsers address bar when you're viewing or editing. When you build a component, we're actually writing these to our databases as individual records. By doing so, we're paving the way for some truly extraordinary features.


For example, we're beginning to build out the core structure that will allow for compiling component libraries, which will allow for easy duplication and sharing of prebuilt components.


Stay tuned for more info on this!


Product Updates

Release Notes

Our most recent release notes include:


  • Fixed issue with page not unlocking after leaving page when working with shared builders
  • Fixed issue with inline editing a multi-select field clearing the field values (TAD-1965)
  • Add ability to tell which Connection field is being used in the email and SMS pages.
  • Removed the limitation on Trial users limiting total records allowed to be imported.


Read more here ?


Community & Connect

Job Board - A Technical Demo

In the very near future, we'll be releasing a template to the Tadabase Community for a Job Board. Heavily inspired by a popular remote hiring platform - this template is a collection showcasing technical features and is meant for advanced users.


  1. Dynamically set background color of a record with a client-facing color picker

2. Stripe Checkout integration

3. Custom Component displaying records

4. Horizontal Scroll Indicator + Sticky Tab Menu



New User Verification by Email

Hey All, here’s a video on how you can accomplish this using the Random Number Generator and Tadabase REST API Pipes.

Tadabase CommunityDani

Record User Location on Login

Hey Tadabase community! I’d like to share with you a method that can be used to record the user’s location upon login. This method stores the location in the user record upon each login session. I’ve documented details on the method as well as an example run-through in this video. You can go to …


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