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Behind the Scenes

Growing Pains

It's a very exciting time at Tadabase. At this point in our trajectory, we've never had more apps in production than we do now, nor have we ever had as many enterprises running highly-complex operations on enormous apps that are running seamlessly at faster-than-ever speeds.


As the complexity and use cases of your apps have grown, we've grown as a company as well, pushing our team and resources around the clock to ensure that your growing apps stay fast and reliable and that we are always miles ahead of any increased infrastructure and resource demands.


Some specific actions we've taken in the past few weeks to stay ahead of the recent rapid growth at Tadabase include strengthening our infrastructure even further by hiring an additional DevOps engineer and adding a new tool to our protocol deck, called PagerDuty, which has helped us optimize our infrastructure protocols even further.


At the code-level, we've also implemented multiple enhancements to error handling, logging, and audit trails in order to more quickly pinpoint lags.  

As a result of these recent enhancements, apps have been running faster and smoother than ever, and we're thrilled with the reports we've been getting, specifically from our larger apps, regarding the increased performance and speed.


But, of course, with growth comes growing pains.


As some of you already know, due to some "noisy neighbor" issues and a glitch in one of the clusters following a major upgrade last week, several dozen apps were affected with slow or non-loading pages for several hours. The issues were resolved as soon as possible, but we know how disruptive this was for some of our customers and we apologize to those who were affected once again.


While growing pains and upgrade-induced lags are unfortunately inevitable with any growing platform, especially one as robust as Tadabase, we nevertheless offer our sincerest apologies for the frustration last week's lags may have caused and assure you that we have resolved the issues caused by the upgrade.


While we will always push harder and work endlessly to better the platform with critical upgrades, we are committed more than ever to predict and mitigate any potential negative rebound effects from these upgrades and we promise to do better in this area.


Improving speeds

Our speeds are improving across the board thanks to our amazing Engineering team. Backend infrastructure updates have put us in a fantastic position to continue seeing page load, form submission, and general speed increases.


Admin Dashboard

Our infrastructure is quite complex. One of the internal tools that we're completely overhauling is our Admin Dashboard. This tool gives our support team complete access to monitor every part of our infrastructure. Additionally, with granular control over User Accounts and Apps, everything is right at our fingertips for ultra-fast troubleshooting and support.


Product Updates

Builder UI Updates

Builder UI

Big changes to our Builder UI coming soon! We're working on a fresh look and feel to give you the best possible experience while building apps. Here's a short list of changes you can expect:


  • Keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation
  • Unique URLs for every page, sub-page, menu, and sub-menu.
  • Consistent button design and location for primary actions
  • Replaced right-side slider with stand alone pages
  • Modal pop-ups for various actions
  • Create and Save views in Data Builder


Interested in participating in a Beta for the new Builder UI? Send us an email at


More Templates

Heads up - more templates are coming!


We're expanding our template library to include templates that are based on some of the most popular web services out there. Rental house marketplaces, invoicing systems, ticketing systems, etc.


Additionally, we'll be introducing some byte-sized templates, like modules, that focus on a specific workflow.  These will be installable as stand alone applications and will not be able to install into an existing application.


Page Builder Concept

As we continue to reimagine the look, feel, and functionality of our Builder, we've come up with a few concepts for how certain sections could look. Here's a quick concept design for the Page Builder.


Page Builder Concept


Release Notes

Our most recent release notes:

  • Fixed issue with embeddable component showing fields twice in the pop-up
  • Fixed issue with big export files failing
  • Fixed issue with JavaScript Render function running on subsequent pages
  • Optimized backup process to use dedicated clusters

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Community & Connect

Tadabase Connect

We've recently launched a service to facilitate connections between paid development requests and our amazing Partners. We're super excited about this!


Read more here ?


Tadabase Academy

In the near future, we'll be launching a complete Academy with Online Courses and Boot Camps.


We plan to offer free Online Courses ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced. These courses will cover building applications, focused courses on advanced features like Pipes, and more.


If you're looking for a more in-depth, one-on-one type experience, our Boot Camps are for you. Work alongside a qualified presenter in a small group session to learn about database architecture, theory, best practices, ask questions, and of course - learn the skills necessary to become an expert Tadabase builder.


Stay tuned for more!



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This has been requested so I’ll share some JavaScript code you can use below. But first, you’ll need to find your component ID. Change the component_ID in the code to your forms component ID. TB.render(‘component_ID’, function(data) { data.ele.find(‘.af-form-submit’).on(‘click’,function()…

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