Tadabase Highlights - Ep. 2

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Today on Tadabase Highlights, we're going to go behind the scenes a bit and share some fun stuff we've been working on.


Incoming Webhooks

We're expanding our suite of automation tools!

Coming soon for Enterprise customers, you'll be able to create a URL endpoint to receive external webhook data. Take your automations to the next level by receiving webhooks from any other Tadabase application or any third-party service that's capable of sending webhooks. Have you wanted to cut out Zapier or Integromat? This is for you!


Tadabase Academy

Register for courses and get deep dive video tutorials for building apps, best practices, and building techniques. When we launch Tadabase Academy, the first course will be a step-by-step guide for building a simple Event Management application. Lessons include:


  • Data Builder Overview
  • Fields Overview
  • Creating A Data Table
  • Adding Records
  • Page Builder Overview
  • Layouts
  • Pages
  • Components Overview
  • Building the Live App
  • Adding Users
  • Adding Connections
  • Permissions and Page Security
  • Complex Formulas
  • Data Source Filtering
  • Record IDs
  • Rules and Workflows
  • App Styling


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the launch of Tadabase Academy!


Other News

Notion API

This one is exciting for me personally because I use Notion for all my notetaking and brain dumps.


Notion has recently release their long-awaited API. It allows for some really cool possibilities with Tadabase. For example, creating pages in Notion from your Tadabase records!


Keep on eye out in your builder for our Notion Pipe!



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