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Barcodes, QR codes, CODE_39, UPC_A.....

Tadabase makes it simple

Of course we do!

In the latest episode of Build it with Tim, we're discussing how to use Tadabase's native barcode scanner. While the base functionality of our barcode scanner is quite simple, the ability to integrate with other Tadbase features with relative ease makes this feature super accessible and extensible.

To enable this feature, first we'll need to create a Form Component to add or edit data. Once inside the Form, the barcode scanner can be enabled by editing a specific field.

The magic here is really the simple fact that the barcode scanner itself does not add or require any additional logic, it simply populates the value of an existing field in a Form. Once the value is populated, you are free to build the logic that you need using any of Tadabase's powerful features.

Easy, right? Check out this weeks episode of Build it with Tim to learn more!

In this episode, we’ll learn how to use the Barcode Scanner inside of a Form Component to populate field values.

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