Introducing: PDF Pages 2.0!

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We are thrilled to unveil PDF Pages 2.0!

This update has been a true team effort and we're ecstatic to share it with you all! Without further ado, here are the specs.

The main massive upgrade we’ve made for PDF Pages 2.0 is that we have now moved PDF pages under the automation tab instead of being tied to a specific page in the Page Builder (PDF alpha). By compartmentalizing this feature, users can now access a single PDF Page from multiple App Pages within your app, streamlining processes significantly.

With PDF Pages 2.0, you can now download/email/save PDF pages on demand or on schedule from anywhere in your app via the: PDF Print Component, Table and List Component Links, Scheduled Tasks, and/or Form Email Notifications.

Some examples for this are:

- Automatically sending emails with attached PDFs of Invoices, Purchase Order, or Receipts each time a new order is added.

- Allowing employees to access and download PDF documents with all of their employment information.

- Enabling donors to download PDF tax deductible receipts, and/or automatically email PDF tax deductible receipts to donors.


-Automatically generate printable PDF Report Cards for each student. Allow students/parents teachers to download on demand or send them an email with the Report Card PDF attached.


We've also added a few native PDF themes you can choose from as well as the option to drop in some custom CSS to give your PDFs a unique glow-up.

The possibilities are endless!

Watch Tim’s feature spotlight video below for a full breakdown of how to use PDF pages 2.0 and check out our Help Center for more information.




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