Introducing Subscription Functionality

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Monetize your app with Tadabase’s new subscription functionality.

We are are so pleased to introduce our brand new subscription feature!


With subscription functionality, you can monetize your Tadabase app by charging your end-users on a monthly or annual basis with recurring subscription plans.


Like all Tadabase components, the subscription component is fully customizable so you can create as many subscription plans as

you need and personalize each plan with custom colors, icons, text, tool tips, and more.


Powered by Stripe


We’ve integrated with Stripe to ensure that your subscriptions run as smoothly as possible. In fact, all you need to begin charging your customers with recurring subscription plans is a Stripe account and to enable the subscription component within your Tadabase account.


How it works

Say you have a job listings app that you built on Tadabase (Great job btw!?) and you want to charge your end-users on a recurring basis for the privilege of posting jobs and applying to jobs on your app.


By enabling subscription functionality in your Tadabase app, you can easily begin charging your end-users on a monthly or annual basis.


With our Stripe integration, your users can securely and seamlessly enter their credit card information to subscribe to the plan of their choice, receive email confirmation receipts upon payment, view and update their subscription settings, track and download their invoices, and more.



Within your Tadabase subscription settings, you can customize the messages that will display for all your Stripe events, including a custom message and link that will guide users to upgrade their subscription plans when they attempt to access pages that their user roles are not subscribed to.



For step by step instructions on how to integrate your Tadabase and Stripe accounts, create your subscription plans within Stripe, and enable the subscription component within Tadabase,  check out our solutions portal doc here.



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