Introducing the Tadabase Affiliate Program

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Become a Tadabase affiliate and start earning a 50% commission on all subscription payments made within the first 12 months for every customer you refer to Tadabase.


Share the love and earn up to $1,794 per referral!

So you love Tadabase and have been recommending us to everyone you know… why not make money doing exactly what you’re already doing?


Become a Tadabase affiliate and start earning a 50% commission on all subscription payments made within the first 12 months for every customer you refer to Tadabase.


So, say your referral signs up for our $299 plan, you’ll receive $149.50 for 12 months- that’s $1,794 in your pocket for each customer you refer to Tadabase!


That’s a lot of extra cash in your pocket for doing something you may already be doing and simply sharing the Tadabase ?.


Here’s how it works.


1 Become a Tadabase affiliate. Become an affiliate in seconds by applying here. Once approved, you’ll gain access to your custom affiliate dashboard to track your unique referral links, referral sign ups, commission payouts, and more.


2 Share the love. Share your love for Tadabase with your unique referral link on your website, Youtube channel, blog, social media account, Whatsapp group… wherever.


3 Get paid. Get a 50% commission on every subscription payment made for the first 12 months for every customer you refer to Tadabase.

Anyone can make money with Tadabase!

Whether you’re a social media influencer, business owner, educator, etc., there are so many easy and creative ways to share your love for Tadabase and increase your earnings with unlimited referrals.


  • Social Media Influencers. Talk us up on your social media accounts to start earning for every one of your followers you refer to Tadabase.
  • Bloggers. Post your referral link on your blog to start earning for every reader you refer. You can blog about your love for Tadabase, how Tadabase compares to other solutions, how Tadabase has benefited your work… the more you share Tadabase the more you can earn.
  • Youtubers. Share your referral link in your videos and video descriptions to refer your subscribers to Tadabase. You can create a video tutorial demonstrating how to use Tadabase, host a webinar to demonstrate Tadabase in action, or simply chat about Tadabase across your channel, sharing your referral link for your viewers to sign up.
  • Business Professionals. Post about Tadabase on your personal or business social media accounts, in your Whatsapp groups, within your email newsletters, etc. to share how Tadabase has transformed your business and how it can help other businesses as well.
  • Developers. Share your expert database knowledge with in-depth tutorials and online courses to demonstrate the power of Tadabase, conduct detailed comparisons of Tadabase to other database solutions, and share your referral link to refer more customers to Tadabase.
  • Educators. Share your referral link in your courses, educational videos, email messages, and more.
  • Project Managers. Share your referral link on your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media accounts or via any platform of your choice to promote Tadabase and start earning per referral.
  • Hobbyists. Use your app to spread the word with your app’s “Built by Tadabase” logo and share your referral link with your family, friends, and app users to help spread the Tadabase love and gain more referrals.

Unlimited referrals and unlimited payouts with these easy strategies:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Video Tutorials
  • Online Courses
  • Blogs
  • Whatsapp Groups
  • News Outlets
  • Podcasts
  • Email Newsletters
  • Workshops and Conferences
  • Vlogs
  • How-to webinars
  • Tech and online database Community Groups


Have other creative ways to share your love for Tadabase? Go ahead!


Track your referrals and payouts with your personal affiliate dashboard.


Once you apply to become an affiliate and are approved, you’ll be directed to your personal affiliate dashboard where you’ll be able to access everything you need from generating your referral links to tracking your referral sign ups and payouts.


You’ll have everything you need on one dashboard so you can focus on spreading the word and watching your earnings roll in.


Interested in becoming a Tadabase affiliate?


Apply in seconds by clicking on the button below and completing our affiliate application form. We’ll review your application and respond within 5-7 business days.


Become a Tadabase Affiliate



Some fine print:

- For each referral, affiliates earn 50% commission on all subscription payments made within the first 12 months or until the referral subscription is cancelled – whichever comes first.


- Affiliate referral links have a 30-day timeframe for referral/commission once clicked. This means that when a person clicks on your affiliate referral link, and s/he has not visited Tadabase previously, and s/he signs up for a subscription plan within 30 days of clicking on your referral link, you will be commissioned 50% of all subscription payments for the first 12 months or until the subscription is cancelled. Subscriptions made after 30 days of clicking on your affiliate referral link are not considered to be your referrals and are not eligible for commission.


- A Paypal account is required to receive commission payouts and a valid paypal email address must be provided upon signup to become an affiliate.


- Commission payouts will be sent to the affiliates’ paypal accounts on a rolling 30 day basis.


- In the event a referral didn’t get associated with your account, contact support and we’ll look into it and when verified manually assicate that account with your reward program.


- Self-referrals are prohibited. Valid referrals include any person other than yourself who signs up for a Tadabase plan using your referral link and has successfully made a verified payment.


- All Tadabase affiliate terms are subject to change at any time.


- Any attempts to game our referral program will result in immediate termination and loss of any remaining payouts.


Become a Tadabase Affiliate


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