Embedding a Group Chat in Tadabase

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Raise your hand if your organization is using a Chat platform for internal communication ?


2020 saw a massive shift in workers becoming remote - 71% of workers who participated in a poll were currently working from home [source].


Chat platforms have played an enormous role in facilitating internal communication and productivity as more people began working remotely. Most people are probably using at least one chat app, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, etc.


Even those who are still operating in a traditional on-site workplace benefit from the advantages of using a chat platform.


What does Tadabase have to do with any of this?

Tadabase thrives at the enterprise level. Business Operating Systems and ERP's built on Tadabase are becoming more common in enterprise level organizations everyday.


Is it possible to merge Tadabase with an available chat platform? YES!

While it's not possible to embed the big name brands, there are plenty of available options that will allow you to create and embed a "chat room" into any application or website.


Why would I do that?

Tadabase provides a platform for any type of application to be built, but at it's core are users (internal or external). Creating a space within a Tadabase application for users to interact with each other has a few key benefits:


  • Freeflowing conversations about internal operations and processes
  • Users don't have to switch between several apps
  • Ability for external users to chat with internal users, and vice versa


How do I do this?

A few available chat platforms are shown here, feel free to play around with it.




Step 1

Find a chat platform that allows your to embed a chat room via Iframe. Here's a couple you can try.




Step 2


Generate the embed code from the chosen chat platform


Step 3

Create an HTML component in your Tadabase app


Step 4

Paste the embed code in the HTML component



For more information on customizing your page or if you'd to discuss more, join the conversation here 


Hi All, Chat applications are super important right now. Most people are probably using at least one chat app, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, etc. There’s been posts here before inquiring about chat solutions so I took some time to investigate some plug-n-play solutions today. Of cour…

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