Compare and Validate a Form Input with a Connected Value

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Stop and think for a moment about all of the complex functionality that’s available inside of the Tadabase Platform. You can filter record based on the logged in user, validate form inputs, redirect to different pages based on conditions met (or unmet), create/edit/delete records, trigger automations with buttons, insert connected records through rules and actions, send emails, integrate with external services…should I continue?

When we look at all the features available inside of the platform, most - if not all - of them can be broken down to a few fundamental queries or building blocks which we apply in various ways to manipulate our data, or records.


  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Validating
  • Creating
  • Updating
  • Deleting


While our platform does a fantastic job of providing unique and thoughtful ways to combine these building blocks through our Page Builder UI, sometimes, we don’t have what we need to get the job done. At least, it’s not presented to us in a way that’s preconfigured.




In layman’s terms, an API is the communication layer between your data and your pages. In a restaurant, you are the page, the kitchen is your data, and the server is the API.


The wonderful thing about the Tadabase REST API is that it allows us to access those fundamental building blocks (see above) to manipulate our data, and we can combine it with any of the prebuilt functions inside of the Page Builder.


In the most recent episode of Build it with Tim, we have a practical use case that looks like this:


  • A user can sign up for your application and create an account
  • A user can purchase credits for their account
  • A user can post jobs to a job board using their available credit balance
  • Each job posting requires a certain amount of credits to post
  • A user should not be allowed to post a job if the job post costs more than their available credit balance


Want to see how it’s done? Check out this weeks episode of Built it with Tim - where we deep dive into using the Tadabase REST API in conjunction with the From Component and Validation Rules.


Enjoy ?


In this episode, we’ll learn how to compare a connected record value to a form input value using the Tadabase REST API, validation rules, and the Form Component

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