Real Estate Software

Automate your real estate management, post your listings, and follow them through to sale.


With real estate markets changing minute by minute, realtors need a management software that can keep up. When bloated, cookie-cutter software and static spreadsheets fall short, realtors turn to Tadabase to create a custom real estate software they can fully customize, update instantly on the fly, and scale just as rapidly as the changing markets. 

Streamline your real estate process from start to finish. List your properties with stunning components, field buyer applications and showings via custom-automated funnels, schedule open houses and events, and track listings all the way through to final contracts and successful sales. 

Create custom workflows and track them with dynamic workflow-visualization components including kanban tables, calendars, and maps to visually track properties through every stage of your real estate pipeline. 

Trigger components with strategic visualization tools such as custom status indicators, summary cards, and dynamic reports to track all stats, progress, and upcoming tasks at a glance. 

Whether in the office or on property-site, capture any data you need from any device using custom dynamic forms, image and file uploads, signature capturing, geo-location tracking, and more. Collected data is instantly streamlined for immediate reporting and analyzing to drive immediate, informed action. 

Automate tedious real estate tasks such as notifying potential buyers of new listings, following up with buyers and sellers, scheduling showings, collecting contracts, documentation, and signatures for verification, and calculating listing budgets and expenses.

Invite buyers, sellers, and agents to securely collaborate with your app via unique login portals and user permissions. With role-based user permissions, potential buyers can login to browse your listings, sort and rank listings, save listings as favorites, and inquire or apply directly from the app. Sellers can login to track the status of their for-sale properties and agents can login to track their assigned listings.