Property Management

Automate your property management processes, list open units for lease, and track lease applications, units, tenants, work orders, and more.


List open properties for lease, track lease applications via custom funnels triggered with automated workflows, and easily track all property, unit, tenant, and work order details at a glance. 

Unlike boated, cookie-cutter property management platforms, the Tadabase property management template app can be fully customized around your exact work processes and management style, giving you the custom app you’ve always wanted without the expense and time constraints of a coded-from scratch application. 

Create custom workflows and direct information to the right people at the right times with unique login portals, role-based user permissions, and custom routing. 

Reduce error and miscommunication by streamlining all information from the beginning- no more paper inspection forms, manual data entry, endless spreadsheets with scattered tenant and property information, and disorganized messages from tenants across multiple communication tools. 

Instantly streamline and secure all information as it occurs, including tenant information, incident reports, pictures, PDFs, signatures, geo-location, and more with dynamic forms and native integrations with any device’s email, texting, camera, and geo-location functionality.

Collected data can be instantly tracked, reported, and analyzed for instant, informed decision making so you can take immediate action as issues arise. 

Automate manual and tedious property management tasks including rent and maintenance expense calculations, creating new work orders, approving repairs, and scheduling unit showings with prospective tenants.

Reduce unnecessary manual and repetitive work by adding a unique tenant portal for tenants to self-sufficiently help themselves to their relevant information. With role-based user permissions, tenants can track their rent history and repair requests, submit new repair requests and incident reports, and securely communicate with their assigned property managers.


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