Performance Review Software

The only app you’ll need to automate and manage your team’s performance reviews.

Whether you’re looking to manage performance reviews for your employees, trainees, students, interns, team members, etc., you can easily track reviews, performance over time, feedback, and more with the Tadabase performance review template app. 

Perhaps you’re looking to track your employees’ performances over time with quarterly and yearly reviews. With this app, you’ll have everything you need to review your employees in the way that makes the most sense to you and your app users. You can review your employees with custom icon and color ratings, summary values, images, links, detailed text, and more and you can share your reviews with HR management for their collaboration and feedback.


Your app is password-protected to ensure maximum discretion, and you can custom-define which pages or specific data are password-protected to ensure that each app user is directed to access only the data and workflow prompts they need. You can limit each user's data access by user role, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign for each user.


Reduce hours of manual and repetitive tasks and spend more time on business growth and quality employee engagement with Tadabase's revolutionary automation functionality. With scheduled automated tasks, custom automated workflows, and supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions when clicked, you can create your ideal automated workflow and streamline your entire performance review process from start to finish.


Custom-create as many automated triggers as you need, including automated emails, texts, notifiations, alerts, and many other automated tasks to set your performance review system on autopilot. So you can schedule custom, personalized per user emails to be automatically sent out to managers on the first day of every quarter reminding them to submit new employee performance reviews. Or you can trigger automated alerts to HR when performance reviews are submitted or fall below a custom-defined minimum score. The automation possibilities are endless and fully customizable to meet your exact systematic needs.


Flexible to any scale, you can utilize this template app as a simple performance review app or you can build it out into a full-blown employee management app with custom time sheets, employee directory, clock in/clock out system, scheduling, training management, onboarding management, and more.