Insurance Broker Software

The only app you’ll need to manage and automate your customers’ insurance policies.

While there are many insurance broker softwares on the market, the Tadabase insurance broker template app is unique in its ability to be truly customized to your exact insurance process and customer needs. No more adjusting your customers’ insurance needs around bloated, cookie-cutter software. With Tadabase, you can finally build an app around your business to perfectly suit your unique insurance process.

By installing this template app, you’ll have the foundation you need to manage your insurance customers and their policies as well as your underwriters, carriers, and more. The app is simple enough for a small insurance company to master immediately or it can be fully customized and scaled to meet every need of a large insurance brokerage firm. 

With powerful automation technology, you can eliminate countless hours spent on manual and repetitive tasks and spend more time and energy on company and customer growth. Follow up tasks, personalized emails and texts, notifications, alerts, reminders, and more can be fully-automated, creating a seamless workflow for your insurance team and customers.  

Schedule automated tasks, trigger custom automated workflows, and create supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions. You can create as many automated triggers as you need to establish your ideal automated workflow and streamline your entire insurance process from beginning to end.

With unique login portals, custom-defined user access, and custom login and logout routes, you can direct each of your users to access only the data and workflow prompts they need based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign per user. So your customers can view their specific insurance policies and correspond with their assigned brokers while underwriters can view only their assigned cases and brokers can view and update all customers’ policy data. All data access controls are fully customizable so you can rest assured that your data is secure and in your control at all times.

Run custom reports to transform your flat, static data into actionable insights and analytics regarding your customers, insurance plans, carriers, and business progress overall, and summarize results in custom color and icon coded summary cards that can be displayed on custom dashboards personalized per user.

Upon login to your app, employees can be greeted with custom dashboards displaying their relevant customer insurance analytics and stats, assigned tasks, workflow prompts, as well as their assigned customers' insurance policy types, statuses, priorities, deadlines, and more. Customers can login to custom dashboards as well, personalized with their unique insurance policy details.