The only app you’ll need to visually track your support tickets from open to resolved with glowing reviews.

There are many bloated helpdesk management softwares out there... this isn’t one of them.


With the Tadabase helpdesk template app, you can track support tickets exactly and as specifically as you need to. You can keep the template simple as-is as a streamlined helpdesk app or you can scale it and build it out into a full-blown support center for larger support operations. The choice is yours because all Tadabase apps are fully flexible in customization and scalability.


With the helpdesk template app, customers can issue tickets and your support team can respond to each ticket, visually tracking each ticket from open to pending to resolved in a systemized kanban method. Use tables, lists, calendars, maps, gallery cards, and more visually dynamic components to display your support and resolutions in vibrant, colorful, and intuitive viewpoints that make sense.


Filter and group tickets by their status (open, pending, waiting on 3rd party, resolved, etc.), type (feature request, incident, problem, question, etc.), priority (urgent, high, medium, low, etc.), as well as by the company and customer of the issued ticket and by the employee assigned to manage each ticket. 


Automate your helpdesk process by creating scheduled automated tasks, triggering immediate custom automated workflows, and creating actionable buttons that trigger a consecutive flow of automated actions.


Turn all your manual and repetitive work on autopilot with automated emails and texts, alerts, notifications, and follow up tasks to keep your helpdesk process flowing around the clock. For instance, you can trigger automated emails to customers when their assigned tickets have been resolved, automated alerts to the assigned support rep when customers provide support feedback, or automated notifications to admin managers when customer feedback falls below a custom-defined score. Schedule automated actions to occur at specific times, such as triggering automated, custom, and personalized per user emails to be sent every Monday morning or on the first day of every month recapping the most recent bug fixes and feature updates. You can customize all automation as you wish and create as many triggers as you need to perfect your ideal automated workflow for your unique helpdesk process.


With unique login portals and custom-defined user access, you can direct users to securely access only the data and workflow prompts they need to succeed in their unique user roles. With custom-defined login and logout routes, you can define exactly what you want each user to see and do on your app based on their roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other criteria you wish to assign.


When employees login via their unique employee portal, you can ensure that they'll only have access to their assigned support tickets and workflow prompts, while administration can login via their unique admin portal to manage all tickets and collaborate with one another on employee-ticket assignment and employee performance and rank. 


Upon login, each user can be routed to custom dashboards displaying their relevant ticket stats, assigned tasks, support progress, personalized summary cards of custom reports and intelligent analytics of your helpdesk operations, and whatever else each user needs to provide best customer success quickly and efficiently.