Timesheet Template

The only app you’ll need to track employee hours and payments and automate your employee time tracking process. 

With their own secure, unique portal, employees can login to your app to log their hours, payments, running totals, employee profiles and more. Your admin or HR team can login via their own secure admin portal to track employees’ hours, payments, and pertinent information, including position, salary, active status, etc. Fully customizable, you can personalize exactly what you want each user to see and do upon login to your app as well as each user’s custom dashboard and menus.


Automate your employee time tracking process by creating actionable triggers for automated notifications, alerts, emails and texts, and follow up tasks to streamline your workflow and eliminate countless hours of manual, repetitive tasks. So you can create a trigger for admin/HR to receive automatic alerts when employees’ weekly hours total more or less than custom-defined values or when changes have been made to employee profiles. You can create as many actionable triggers as you need to build your ideal automated workflow, and you can create as many unique login portals as your need to maintain workflow efficiency and data security among your unique user roles. 


This template can be kept simple as a streamlined employee time tracking app, or it can be customized and extended into a robust employee management app tracking employee scheduling, clock in/clock out logs, time-off requests, and more.