Employee Scheduling

The only app you’ll need to track your employees’ time sheets, availability, and time-off requests. 

The Employee Scheduling template app can be used as a simple scheduling app to track employee attendance, availability, and time-off requests, or it can be scaled into a robust employee management app, including a full employee directory, employee on-boarding, employee training, employee engagement and satisfaction management, and more. 


Kept simple or scaled, you can automate your employee scheduling process by creating automated alerts, notifications, emails and texts, and follow up tasks that trigger when certain criteria you set it met. So you can trigger custom automated emails to employees when their time-off requests are approved/denied, or you can trigger automatic notifications to admin members when employee attendance falls below a custom-defined value. You can create as many automated triggers as you need to streamline your employee scheduling process and automate your workflow.


To maintain your automated workflow, you can use our powerful login functionality  to ensure that users only have access to data relevant to them and relevant to their specific workflows. The employee scheduling template app offers 2 unique portals so both employees and admin can login via their respective portals, access their unique data, and collaborate exactly as you wish based on their user roles. 


Employees can login via the employee portal to clock in and out, request time-off, track their leave history, view and update their availability, and collaborate on their assigned projects and tasks. Your admin team can login via the admin portal to track employee attendance and attendance history, track employees’ leaves, and approve, deny, and collaborate with one another on employees’ time-off requests. Admin can also post and update employees’ schedules, track and collaborate on employees’ projects and tasks, and more. 


You can custom-define exactly what each user can see and do upon login to your app, and you can maximize data security and workflow efficiency even further with login and audit logs that allow you to monitor any change made to your app as well as all login activity.