Easy Applicant Tracker

The only app you’ll need to list your jobs, track and rank applicants, and make that hire.

Recruiting is often a dreaded HR process, but it doesn’t have to be. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter Applicant Tracking Systems that only allow for a rigid and uncustomizable hiring process. With Tadabase, you can hire in the way that makes the most sense for you and your team and fully customize your applicant tracking according to your unique recruiting needs. 


In practice, this means you can list your jobs, field your applications through any funnel you design, sort and rank your applicants, interact with applicants and your team, and ultimately hire the applicants that stand out via the awesome hiring process you designed. On their end, applicants can view open job listings and submit their applications in a smooth, simple process.


With unique login portals, HR and applicants can each login via their respective portals to access only the data and workflow prompts they need. You can custom-define data access by user role, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other criteria you wish to assign to each user.


Automate your applicant tracking process with our powerful automation functionality that allows you to schedule automated tasks, trigger custom automated workflows, and create actionable buttons that trigger a series of automated actions when pressed.


With automated alerts, notifications, emails and texts, and other automated tasks, you can turn your manual and repetitive labor on autopilot and spend more time on quality engagement and business growth. For instance, you can trigger custom automated emails to applicants with the status of their applications, automatic alerts to applicants reminding them of upcoming interviews, or automatic notifications to HR when a position hasn’t been filled within a custom-defined period of time. Schedule automated tasks for specific time periods, such as sending automated, personalized for each user emails every Monday morning or on the first day of every month informing applicants of all open job listings within your company.


You can customize as many actionable triggers as you need to create a perfect automated workflow that mimics your ideal recruiting process.