Construction Management

The only app you’ll need to automate your construction business and track multiple sites, deadlines, teams, and customers simultaneously with ease.

Construction management is a highly tedious and intricate process, especially when you have multiple projects under construction simultaneously with multiple deadlines and teams. With the Tadabase construction management template app, you can track each detail of your work process and automate your workflow for smooth, streamlined success with every project.


Track all your construction data including sites, site plans, deadlines, customers, employees, scheduling, inventory, orders, trucks and deliveries, and more all on one centralized database. 


Reduce error and increase employee success and engagement by tracking all your data visually, bringing your static data to life with dynamic components that are interactive, visually engaging, easy to process, and simply make sense. 


With dynamic features including drag and drop, inline editing, frontend filtering, custom color tags and icons, custom status indicators, pop up detail windows, and more, you can interact with your data by choosing the best component for the data at hand including the kanban component to visually track your jobs through every stage of the construction process, the dynamic map component to interact with your site locations on the fly, the calendar component to actionize your scheduling and deadlines, and many more.


Run custom reports to gain critical analytics into the progress and stats of your sites, jobs, employees, overall business, and more. Visually analyze and track results with custom graphs and reports as well as with custom color and icon coded summary cards that can be displayed on custom dashboards personalized for each user. 


Keep your employees engaged in quality work and business growth rather than repetitive, administrative tasks by automating your workflows and streamlining all the processes involved in your construction business. Automate tasks to occur at scheduled times, upon specific events, or on-demand, and trigger series of automated workflows with action links. Manipulate records automatically to trigger automated actions behind the scenes, and send custom emails, texts, reminders, alerts, notifications, and more that can each be personalized for each user. You can create as many actionable triggers as you need to establish your ideal automated workflow and turn your entire construction process on autopilot.


Maximize your data security and workflow efficiency with unique login portals, custom-defined user data access, and custom login/logout routes which direct users to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign per user. 


Employees can login via their unique portal to clock in and out, view their assigned jobs, delivery routes, and shifts, update their assigned jobs’ statuses and priorities, collaborate with their coworkers and assigned customers, and more. You can also create a customer portal for customers to login to check the status of their specific jobs, view their account balances, and communicate with their assigned employee. You can create as many unique login portals and user roles as you need to secure your data and keep your work flowing in the right hands.