Construction Management

The only app you’ll need to automate your construction business and track multiple sites, deadlines, teams, and customers simultaneously with ease.

Construction management is a highly tedious and intricate process, especially when you have multiple projects under construction simultaneously with multiple deadlines and teams. With the Tadabase Construction Management template app, you can track each detail of your work process and automate your workflow for smooth, streamlined success with every project.


Track all your construction data, including your sites, site plans, deadlines, customers, employees, scheduling, inventory, orders, trucks and deliveries, etc., in one centralized database. 


With unique portals for each user role, you can control the data access granted to each user based on their user role, job capacity, or any other criteria you set. So your employees can login via the employee portal to clock in and out, view their assigned jobs, delivery routes, and shifts, update their assigned jobs’ statuses and priorities, collaborate with their coworkers and assigned customers, and more. You can also create a customer portal for customers to login to check the status of their specific jobs, view their account balances, and communicate with their assigned employee. You can create as many portals as you need for each user type and custom-define exactly what each user can see and do upon login to your app.  


Transform your data into actionable triggers, such as automated notifications, alerts, emails and texts, and follow up tasks, to create your ideal automated workflow and eliminate countless hours and manpower previously spent on repetitive, administrative tasks. Send automated personalized emails/texts to your customers when their approval is required on a project or when a delivery is on it’s way. Receive automatic notifications when inventory is below a custom-defined quantity or when jobs are overdue. Create as many automated triggers as you need, and all triggers are completely customizable so you can streamline your exact work process and spend more time on business and customer growth.