Babysitter App

The only app you’ll need to connect families with available babysitters and manage bookings.


The Tadabase babysitter app template offers three unique portals for admin, babysitters, and customers to each access their unique data securely while streamlining the babysitting service process as a whole.

When customers login to the customer portal on your app, they can input their unique family and children information (number of children, ages, allergies, etc.), babysitter preferences (years of experience, pay rate, etc.), as well as the dates and times they’re looking for babysitting. The customers can then request a booking, triggering an automatic notification to admin employees that a new booking has been made. 


Via the admin portal, admin employees can proceed to match the customers with the best babysitters based on the customers’ information and trigger an automatic email or alert to the assigned babysitters to notify them of their new booking and job details. 


Via the babysitter portal, babysitters can clock in when they begin their bookings and clock out once their bookings are completed. Automatic emails can then be sent to the customers asking them to rate their babysitters. This automated workflow is completely customizable to adjust to your unique process, and you can create as many automated triggers as you wish to implement within your workflow.


With maximum login and data security functionality, you can rest assured that each user’s data is secure and private. Users can only see the data relevant to them and all data access is controlled and custom-defined by you.


You can choose from our extensive library of components to display your data the right way every time. Use the Kanban component to visually track babysitters through every step of your babysitting service process, or use the card component to display your customer data in visually appealing, easy to read cards that can be personalized with custom colors and icons. Whatever the data at hand, choose the perfect component to display your data in the way that makes the most sense to you and your users.