Auto Repair Software

The only app you’ll need to automate your auto repair business and accelerate customer growth.

In your auto repair business, you want your employees busy doing excellent repair work, not getting bogged down with administrative tasks. The Tadabase auto repair management template app provides an automated workflow perfectly designed for a successful auto repair business. 


With automated notifications, alerts, emails/texts, and follow up tasks- such as automatic notifications when parts are low in stock or when jobs or overdue, or automatic emails/texts to customers when their vehicles are ready for pickup or when their vehicles are due for oil changes-  you can reduce countless hours of repetitive, admin tasks and pivot that time and energy towards company and customer growth. Automation triggers are fully customizable so you can easily custom-define your automated workflow based on your exact work process. 


Flexible and completely customizable, this template can be kept simple for a local mechanic shop or supersized and scaled for a large auto repair chain. Whatever the business size, the app can be used to track customers, jobs, parts, orders, employees, and more. Employees can login to the app to clock in and out, view and update their shifts, update the status and priority of their assigned jobs, etc. Admin employees can login to track employees’ information, attendance, and scheduling, as well as order parts, communicate with customers, and more. Customers can login as well to schedule, view, and update appointments, check the status of their vehicles, pay their bills, etc. 


With maximum data security and login functionality, each user will only have access to the data custom-defined by their role, job capacity, or any other criteria you wish to define. With powerful login and audit log functionality, you can keep track of any changes made to your app as well as all login activity so you know your data is always secure and never compromised.