Tadabase is the all-in-one, feature-rich alternative to Quickbase

Build custom enterprise-grade applications that are both internal and public-facing with unlimited users, custom domains, website embeddable apps, and true white labelling. All with Tadabase, the best Quickbase alternative.


Migrate Your Data to Tadabase

Migrate Your Data to Tadabase

Top 5 reasons why customers switch from Quickbase to Tadabase


1.  Tadabase creates stunning, public-facing applications

While Quickbase can be used to create basic applications for internal, back-office processes, it lacks the features necessary to create beautiful, custom, consumer-facing applications. This renders Quickbase ineffective and out-dated for the modern business that wants the freedom to create an application that is both internal and public-facing. With custom domains, website embeddable applications, and the ability to customize and truly white label your apps, Tadabase creates powerful, enterprise-grade database applications that power the most complex internal processes and are also uniquely stunning and visually engaging for public view. 


2.  Tadabase’s infrastructure is SQL-backed

With it’s all-powerful SQL-backed infrastructure, Tadabase was built from the ground up with scalability and limitless growth at the forefront of the platform’s design. No other infrastructure compares to the power and scale of SQL, which is why applications built on Tadabase can scale to millions of records seamlessly and in record time.


3.  Tadabase does not charge per user

Like many other no-code platforms on the market today, Quickbase utilizes an old-school per-user pricing structure, which is impractical and counterproductive for most modern, growing businesses. This traditional user-based pricing model sets an immediate cap on company collaboration and growth right out of the gate, and it discourages business owners from inviting all stakeholders to collaborate on a single source of truth. Tadabase, on the other hand, adopts a usage-based pricing structure, which encourages the inclusion of any and all users who may contribute to the data at work and contribute to your business growth. 


4.  Tadabase apps can be white labeled, for real

While Quickbase claims to offer white-label apps, Quickbase’s information will still appear throughout its customers’ app codes and URLs, disabling customers from ever having truly custom or white-labeled apps. At Tadabase, when we say that our apps are customizable, we mean what we say. A white labeled app on Tadabase will have zero mention of Tadabase throughout the app code, URL, or design, allowing your consumer-facing app to present entirely as your own or your app built for a client to present entirely as if you built it from scratch.


5.  Tadabase is customizable

At Tadabase, we know your business is like no other and that your app should reflect your particular business brand and style. From custom login forms to drag and drop themes to over two dozen unique components, including the Custom Component which empowers you to create your own custom designs, your app design is limited only to your imagination. Gone are the days of sticking square data in round views. With Tadabase, the custom app you envision is just waiting to be built.


Don't miss out on these Tadabase-exclusive features:

Hosting and Deployment

Custom domain

Use your own custom domain for visitors to access your apps. For example, mybusiness.com vs. mybusiness.tadabase.io.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

SSL certificates

SSL Certificates issued for a custom domain

True white label

Create custom applications that present entirely as your own, with your own company branding throughout your apps' interface, email addresses, backend code, and URL.

App embed

Embed your app, as well as specific components, within any public website or external portal.

Design and Customization

Custom component designer

The Custom Component is our low-code solution to custom designs using standard HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Advanced page customization

Customize each page with its own settings for title, slug, status, parent layout, page rules, security, JavaScript, and CSS.


Custom CSS can be added to any layout, page, row, column, or component for advanced design and customization.

Custom themes

Custom themes can be added to your application by adding custom CSS to a page or layout, or by linking to an external stylesheet in the app's Custom Header/Footer Code section.


JavaScript can be added to any layout or page to expand the capabilities of your application.

Page redirect rules

Redirect users based on preset criteria, such as user role or status. Set multiple rules to ensure users are always directed to pages that are relevant or appropriate for them.

Forms and Fields

Multi-step forms

Create multi-page and multi-step forms to auto-direct users through complex forms

Advanced form redirect

Upon form submission, direct users to an app page or external URL based on defined conditions.

Assign score values to dropdowns

Assigning score values to each value within an option field will empower you to track and analyze complex calculations on your values.

Color badges in options

Assign colors to option values

Enable/disable display rules

Toggle display rules on and off.

Get form values from URL

Prefill form values with parameters from a URL.

Logged-in user values for record rules

Use data values from a logged-in user in your record rules.

See connected values in forms

Show more information by dynamically showing data that's connected to a record.

Slider field

Use a range slider with custom Start and End numbers to set a value based on the slider position.


Custom component designer

The Custom Component is our low-code solution to custom designs using standard HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


List your data in a compact interactive view allowing page visitors to expand and highlight records as needed.


Display summaries and other important information inside simple, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing cards.

Lists / Galleries

Showcase your data in gallery form and create your own unique displays.


Visual timelines are a great tool for displaying events in a date/time-based order.


Tadabase Pipes

Pipes is Tadabase's internal integrations system which natively integrates external data from all your favorite services directly into your Tadabase app, dynamically and in real-time.


Built-in Cloudinary integration facilitates the upload and access process for app images.

Google Data Studio

Create advanced reporitng using Google Data Studio. Automatically pull your app data into Google Data Studio by simply supplying an api key.


Automate workflows between your Tadabase app and all your other favorite services using the Integromat integration.


Use your own SMTP server for all outgoing emails.

Stripe subscriptions

Turn your app into a subscription model and enable subscription fees per user.


Connect Tadabase with Tableau to use your database as a data source for powerful charting capabilities.


Connect Tadabase apps to Tray.io to facilitate connections and automations for your Tadabase app and across other platforms.


Natively customize PDFs for each page of your application. Save PDFs as files in your database that you can attach within outgoing emails.

Advanced Features

Action links

Trigger automations with a click of a button.

Builder API

Make instant, powerful changes to your apps without ever having to log into the Builder.

Filter by records connected to logged-in user

Configure components to only display records that are connected to the logged-in user.

Hide columns in filter tabs

Chose to hide specific columns when using Filter Tabs.

Multi-select update/delete

Update groups of records within your data table all at once.

Shared builder

Shared builders empower you to share your app building experience with other valuable users, invite collaboration into your app's development, and work more efficiently with strategic and controlled app collaboration.


Batch updates

Update groups of records within your data table all at once.

Export templates

Export your data as CSV files anytime with the click of a button. Create custom export templates to export a defined set of columns and data.

Front-end importing

Allow your end-users to import CSV files into your data tables directly from the Live App.

Import templates

Set up import templates to map your CSV values to your Tadabase data table values and set up rules to determine appropriate behavior based on your imported values.

Tadabase Pipes

Pipes is Tadabase's internal integrations system which natively integrates external data from all your favorite services directly into your Tadabase app, dynamically and in real-time.

Triggered related tasks

Triggered tasks

Create custom processes to run updates on data table records or send out notifications, triggered with a click of a button.

Security and Compliance

Email logs

Verify details for each email sent throughout various processes within your app.

Logout existing sessions

Manually log users out of active sessions and set up timeout rules when needed.

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