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  • Hello.  I've been a full time low-code database developer for several years, building and training on a number of platforms. Tadabase has really hit a spot in this space, and I think it's great.  So much that I created this site, my services offerings, my blog, and YouTube channel ... all focused on Tadabase.

    My consulting practice is based in Ohio and is dedicated to improving process performance by using best-in-class cloud based low-code development tools.   

    I have rock solid business experience ... in finance, operations management, and process improvement. So I bring real world experience on how apps should work for the user, along with the database know-how to get them built.

    My clients are small companies, large firms, and non-profits in numerous countries. I'd love to help your organization meet its data streamlining goals.  Let's talk.

    Website: www.tadabasejunkie.com

    YouTube Channel: Tadabase Junkie YouTube

General Skills
User Roles & Security Automation Database Structure Training Workflows & Processes
Technical Skills
CSS JavaScript
Integration Skills
Integromat Zapier


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