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  • Noel is a seasoned business director with senior leadership experience in Information Technology and Operations in FMCG beverage manufacturing (PepsiCo), manufacturing outsourcing (Banta Corp) and QA Management in the automotive electronics sector (Kostal). His early career was spent building hands-on functional skills in the ICT, Quality, Production and Operations Management side of businesses, servicing top-brand customers including Microsoft, Apple, HP and Dell. Noel’s work included the setup and leadership of manufacturing facilities in Ireland and Japan. Throughout the following 20 years, as Vice-President of Information Services with Fortune 1000, Banta Corporation and Global IT Director with Fortune 100, PepsiCo he worked with business leaders to identify the key technology value-drivers and put in place teams, solutions and programmes that consistently delivered impactful results. Noel’s current role as an Independent IT Advisor is focused on bringing his extensive experience managing ICT programmes and strategy to clients on an advisory basis. Noel is very experienced working with a wide range of customers and stakeholders and ensuring that business customers receive the value that ICT can offer.

General Skills
User Roles & Security Automation Database Structure UI / UX Workflows & Processes
Technical Skills
CSS HTML JavaScript
Integration Skills
Tadabase Pipes Integromat


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